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Wizard Staff

Alternate names for this game include Wisest Wizard and Wizard Stick. This game requires the players to be drinking cans of beer and have a free roll of duct tape.

All of the players in the game are Wizards. Each time a player finishes a beer, he/she places a new beer on top of the empty one and tapes them together. What results is a large chain of beer cans, called the Staff. 

Each beer can on the Staff is one Level. For example, a Staff of five cans means that player is a Level Five Wizard. Whoever ends up with the longest Staff earns the title of Wisest Wizard.

Rule Variations:
  • Fight the Dragon: Every five levels, the Wizard must defeat the dragon by taking a shot before continuing to gain levels.

  • Level Benefits: Being at a certain level means that a player may preform certain actions. For example, only Level Three and up Wizards may use the bathroom, and Level Five and up Wizards may stand outside the bathroom and shout "You shall not pass!" at Level One or Two Wizards. Other level benefits may be added by the players before gameplay starts.

  • White Wizard: Once a player reaches level 10, they become a White Wizard. When another player becomes a white wizard, they fight each other with their staffs. The wizard who breaks his opponent's staff becomes the new white wizard.

  • "Feeling Wise": Players may not state that they are drunk, but must instead call it "feeling wise". If a player does say "drunk, intoxicated, etc.", that player must chug a beer and is not allowed to add it to the staff.