British Friends, Please Help! Boycott Barclays Bank to Stop the Barclays Center.

Freddy’s Bar & Backroom 
485 Dean Street (corner of 6th Ave), Brooklyn, NY
Listed as one of the Best Bars in America by Esquire Magazine; 
Last month voted One of the Best Bars in Brooklyn by the Village Voice.
485 Dean St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 718 622-7035 
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This week syndicated columnist George Will threw the residents of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, a life-line.  His scathing column about government corruption in the Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Theft Case hit all the points:  Using the the state to steal for politically connected developers; Paying consultant AKRF to find blight that only a paid consultant could find; And treating locals the way the British did in 1776. The staff and patrons of Freddy's Bar would like to thank George Will for calling out the thieves in over 450 publications, including the Washington Post.

Freddy's Bar is in a State of Revolt against New York State's Eminent Domain Law.  In the style of our Founding Fathers, we have guillotined the Eminent Domain Law in effigy to announce that this law was bought by Real Estate Royalty and we will not follow it.  We also installed the "Chains of Justice" on the bar itself (see Cuff Love, NY Post by Leonard Greene), for patrons to chain themselves to on the day, should the day come, when the Empire State Development Corporation (government entity conducting the theft of the bar and neighborhood for the private developer and his cronies) will try to take the bar for ACORN, Bruce Ratner, Barclays Bank, andRussia's richest man.

This week the ESDC responded to our revolt by announcing they will use the sheriff to physically remove us from the bar on the day of the siege (Daily News). 

If they can't pull us out will they use tear gas?  Will they use guns?  They did not say.  They only said they would use physical force, which leaves us to wonder how far these villians will go to take our neighborhood to give it to somebody else.

This week's Federal corruption case in Yonkers shows that developer Ratner (called "Developer #2" in court documents) is no stranger to government manipulations for his benefit.

We will issue our response to the Empire State Development Corporation's threat of physical force at Sunday's event. Because the ESDC is merely working to take the land for others,  our main retaliation for their threat will be directed at Barclays BankWe will announce it again, the next day, Monday, January 11 on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel at 7:45 a.m.. And we will have a special message for new 3-32 Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, too:

His banks, along with Barclays are trying to destroy our bar.

We call upon all bars to join us in standing up, at long last, to the banks!  Stand with Freddy's Bar as we stand up against Barclay's Bank, ACORN, and the high and mighty of Russia.  We did not win the cold war to have our bars taken, by one of our own states, and given to Russia's richest man and the banks he controls. 

British bar and pub patrons, we are asking you to pull your money out of Barclays bank to protest their spending over 100 Million of your Pounds to put a stadium that looks like a rusty waffle iron on top of our bar.  It's just not cricket! Support banks that support barsIf they only lose 1 Billion or 10 Billion Pounds from this boycott, they will get the message: leave our bars and pubs alone.

"This is like a foreclosure, except they are taking an entire neighborhood, and we're not even behind on the mortgage," said Donald O'Finn.

Bars give us delicious beers, wines, and liquors.

Banks give us foreclosures, overdraft fees, and taxpayer bailouts.

And Banks Buy Laws. 

A neighborhood bar can't buy any laws. And if they could, they probably wouldn't.  

New York State's Eminent Domain Laws have been paid for by the banks and the real estate lobbyists.  And one of these law-buyers is having the Government of New York State -- a government where he has spent over $600,000 in lobbying -- take our bar and our neighborhood.  Bruce Ratner and the Banks have bought the definition of blight with political contributions.  The numbers don't lie. The government and our laws are not for sale.

Barclays Bank and billionaires Bruce Ratner and Mikhail Prokhorov are on the verge of using the State of New York to seize the neighborhood for a stadium using New York State’s outdated Eminent Domain laws. 43 states have reformed their Eminent Domain laws following the disastrous Kelo case which leveled an entire neighborhood in New London CT for a private developer who then left the land undeveloped. A similar fate awaits much of the 22 acres of the so-called Atlantic Yards project site, since the developers have scaled back their plans, and now plan to build only a stadium at this time.

Eminent Domain Revolt has been declared in our neighborhood and we are overthrowing the rule of the Real Estate Royalty who keep outdated laws on the books and use the government to do their bidding.  We are up against a real estate company that is the second biggest political donor and lobbyist spending force in the state. The law must be changed. Period.

Senator Bill Perkins, Chairman of the New York State Senate Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee has begun a crusade to rid New York State of Eminent Domain Abuse. He has asked Governor Patterson for a moratorium on Eminent Domain takings until the Columbia decision against the Empire State Development Authority’s pattern of operating in bad faith, and abusing Eminent domain has been reconciled with the Atlantic Yards decision in the Court of  Appeals.   And we are behind him 100%.  They will try to take the neighborhood in the next few weeks, and we are going to stop them. 

Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights, where the bar is located, faces a unique twist: The State of New York is moving to take properties from families and businesses and, instead of building a road or a school, the State will hand the land over for private use by Russia’s richest man, who, in partnership with billionaire Bruce Ratner is building a stadium to house the NBA’s worst team. 8 acres of the 22 total acres the State is taking will be for the stadium.  The rest, it has recently beenrevealed, will be leveled, with nothing required to be built on it for decades. In addition to telling the New York Times Eminent Domain Abuse corrupts our democracy, Senator Perkins is also charging that the half billion dollars worth of bonds, issued for the building of the stadium were issued fraudulently, in a failed backroom deal aimed at getting around New York State’s new Public Authorities Control Act.
We say Eminent Domain Abuse in New York State is going to end right here, right now and our neighborhood will not be taken.  Over 5000 people have pitched in for the legal fight, and hundreds of Freddy’s patrons stopped by last Sunday throughout the day to practice cuffing themselves to the bar. The neighbors have had enough.

The Backroom at Freddy’s Bar was the birthplace of this particular rebellion for fair treatment, the front room is where we brought out the hardware to back it up. And the sidewalk in front of the bar was where we will guillotine Eminent Domain Abuse in effigy.

The Toast will take place in the bar, and will involve real, alcoholic beverages.

We invite you to this video-, audio- and photo-genic event…. and if you can't make it, cheers to you, too.
Thank You
Donald O'Finn



Freddy's faithful vow to fight Brooklyn bar's ouster for Atlantic Yards land grab with
chains, cuffs

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Freddy's Bar


Esquire Mag:

Time Out NY: "It's possible that Freddy's is as near a perfect saloon
as you'll ever encounter."

Village Voice: Freddy’s voted "One of the 10 Best Bars in Brooklyn."

N.Y. Gamble Guide: Freddy’s voted “One of the 10 Nest Dive bars in N.Y.: A Brooklyn
classic... Also one of the best bars in N.Y. City for Sunday afternoon drinking."

New York Mag: "Greatness lies behind these doors."

Village Voice BEST OF - BEST VIDEO ART IN A BAR: 2001-2008: "Donald O'Finn's
feverishly edited encyclopedically strange video collages are lively rivers.
...his editing is so hyper-intuitive that the culture shocks and time warps
gel into a state of half vertigo and half trance.”

The Brooklynite: "Freddy's is one of the borough's most vital cultural hubs."

Village Voice NYC Guide: "Freddy's hosts some of the city's most original
readings and performances.

New York Mag: (Best Of) "The great Freddy's...seems to sizzle with life."

NY Post: "While Crane-Swizzle, wasn't the first to turn his local watering
hole into something trendworthy - that honor could go to Donald O'Finn, manager of Freddy's who began creating "an adult playground"...
at his bar over 10 years ago”

National Public Radio:
on Opera night, “the local watering hole for murderers and tyrants, adulters and virgins, Don Juans and divas.”

Shecky's Bar Guide:  "This worn-in classic..a delectable
known as a fringe art space."

NY Times: "Freddy's..a friendly barkeep, good beer on tap and a generous's an exceedingly comfortable joint...The staff likes to keep things
low-key...Freddy's is a little  bit blessed."

Zagat: "loads of atmosphere".... "this place oozes Brooklyn pride."

N.Y. Sun: (on Diva Night) "...raucous and sublime... un-elitist, imperfect,
and fun..."

Time Out NY: "This is the perfect neighborhood bar."

Black Book Mag. Night life guide. "When God created the bar, he named it Freddy's."

SOMA: (South of Market Arts-San Francisco) "Freddy's Bar waits patiently
with a warm Brooklyn vibe ... Freddy's is mellow while still being
interesting.... but most of all the place is comfortable."

comfortable hang

CitySearch: Freddy's is a great bar, all the beer you'd expect on tap,
weird stuff on the walls, TVs showing bizarre sleazy movies, it's got it all.

CARA, Aerlingus Travel Mag: "undiscovered treasure...classic dive"

Spin Mag: (on Cringe night) "The funniest night out in N.Y. City."

ESPN: "Freddy's is one of the great dive bars in New York City....a far
nobler institution than you are likely to find in proffesional sports" "Hip...yet unyuppified" "a Mecca for artists and writers with no stomach for hipster
poseurs or overpriced drinks. "This storied speak easy represents the best combination
of dive bar and underground cultural Mecca

NY Magazine's New York's best of nightlife: "The best spelling bee for

No Tourists Guide Book: (Best OF) voted Best Backroom.

NOB (Not Only Brooklyn) Arts: both wondrous and free,
presenting a diverse selection of artists simultaneously down home and

Continental Air Lines Travel Mag: "Freddy's...casual, free swinging

AM NY: "One of the Cities most popular Dive Bars"

Metro (Mix): Freddy's is all you would want (and more!) in a dive bar. The
beer is cold. Their calendar is chock-full of interesting and offbeat
, including tons of live music, a diorama/craft night and something
called "strip club." There is always something interesting on the TV sets,
including amusing B-movie footage that you'll have to see to believe.
Freddys Bar & BACKROOM
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