Program manager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Professor, Bredesen Center, University of Tennessee


ORNL is a leader in applied energy research and development.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's applied energy programs bring together science and technology experts from across scientific disciplines to partner with government and industry in addressing transportation, manufacturing, building, electricity, and fossil energy challenges. Research objectives align with federal goals for reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil, boosting America’s economy, and improving national energy security. Vehicle and building efficiency as well as advanced manufacturing and a sustainable and resilient electricity grid is being advanced through research and development focused on advanced batteries, mobility systems, new materials, low-cost carbon fiber, advanced processing and manufacturing solutions, high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced big data analytics. Scientists and engineers are developing more economical, durable, and efficient integrated energy systems.

Working with our scientists, engineers, and applied program team, I am responsible to coordinate ORNL's clean energy and cross-cutting portfolio for ARPA-E, hydrogen, fuel cells, wind, and solar.

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