Drilling Billy (Антошка) Game's Full Version Download 


The game called Drilling Billy (Russian version: Антошка or Антон) is an old DOS game (игра) where the player must dig holes and bury monsters in those holes in order to get points. Once the player gets all the monsters in the level buried, Антошка (or Billy) can pass to the next level.

There are a few game-worlds including jungle, construction (стройки) and so on!

It is a game based on the old game called Lode Runner (there are many versions of Lode Runner and Drilling Billy is just one of those).

Here you can download all the parts of the Антошка (or Drilling Billy) game needed to Run it.

  1. It's a DOS game, so, if you want to run it on Windows, you'll need a DOS emulator called DOS BOX. You can download the emulator if you click here!
  2. Then you can download Антошка by clicking here (you will get the Russian version). If you want the English version rather than the Russian one, click here.
  3. When you have them downloaded, place the unzipped game in C:\antoshka. Then unzipp and install the DOS BOX emulator. Then run Start -> All Programs (or Accessories) -> DOSBox-0.70 -> DOSBox. Type exactly this command: mount c C:\antoshka and press Enter, type c: (the colon : is required) and hit Enter and then type antoshka.exe and press Enter and finally press alt + enter to go full screen. If the screen is too dark, you might have to go to settings to adjust the brightness a bit.
  4. To exit the game, press escape a few times till you exit to the emulator and to exit the emulator, simply type exit and hit Enter.

Antoshka (Drilling BIlly/Антошка) is a great game with great graphics (especially considering it's made for DOS in 1997) ! Have Fun!