Upcoming Performances: 

Come to Green Grooves! Join DRIFTWORDS poets, musicians, jugglers, and various performers! Sun May 13, Sat June 2, and Sun July 14 at the Stone Boat Cafe, inside Ritan Park, between the West and South gates. 8pm til late. FREE!



join our DRIFTWORDS VISPO project! 

DRIFTWORDS is inviting visual artists (painters, sculptors, video artists, etc) to collaborate with us on a new project that combines poetic text and visual art (VisPo). The above drawing is not so good, but it gives you an idea. For another idea, checkout the new CAWKINBAWLS Alphabet. We hope to have a gallery show and performance somewhere in 798 (or any other good space in Beijing), once we have enough material for an exhibit. So, if you are an artist, gallery owner, or simply want to help, please email us at driftwords.bj@gmail.com 

stay tuned for more... 



Past Performances:

April 19th  - 7:30pm at Yugong Yishan

Caught in the Act 2

 Featuring Beijing IMPROV, Beijing Actors Workshop, and DRIFTWORDS! It was waist deep in fun!


Feb 11 - 7pm - at Yugong Yishan

Caught in the Act 

 A wonderful night of improvised and scripted acting (beijingIMPROV & beijing actors workshop), and spoken word performances by Nat Green, Deepsleep, K Benjamin, and Jack Raif (Jorge). Also a collaborative spoken word (k benjamin) and mime (Vinny Wang) performance of The Minutes. A good time for all! Photos to come soon... and maybe video?



Dec 9 at 798 EastWest Space: 

R e a c t i o n 

Impromptu performance of poetry, singing, drumming, beatboxing, juggling, unicycling, burning things, and more. Held at the lovely EastWest Space in the 798 Dashanzi Art District, and performed by Jack Raif, Fede Moro, Jean Baptiste, K Benjamin, DeepSleep, and a wonderful crew of (yet-to-be-named) singers and guitarists.



DEC 1 at Jiang Jin Jiu: 

 Beiijing Actors Workshop + DRIFTWORDS

The show was a lot of fun... prepared and improvised scenes from the Beijing Actors Workshop and friends, some poems read by Bob and Jack, a butterfly/fairy wingset, crown, and wand made by Federico, some live music, lots of laughs made my all. Above, from left to right are: K Benjamin, Lottie, Gordon, Neema, Jack Raif, and Vinny.



OCT 28 at D22:  

The Pristine and the Eternal

Performed by (from left) Zhou Yu, Bob Marcacci, K Benjamin, DeepSleep, Federico.

A multi-lingual show (Chinese, English, Italian)... DVD available soon. Above from left to right: Zhou Yu, Bob Marcacci, K Benjamin, DeepSleep, Federico Moro.



SEP 12 at the Stone Boat Cafe: 

The Vertical Rays + Gertrud + Subterranean

Music by  The Vertical Rays (K Benjamin <vocals>, Arthur Padilla <drums>, Jack Raif <bass>) and members of the jazz band Gertrud (Markus <bass>, etc); and spoken word by Subterranean (K Benjamin, Jack Raif, Bob Marcacci, Zhou Yu). 



JUL ? at the IceHouse Blues Bar


Performed by Subterranean (DRIFTWORDS) and the Tre and the Blue Nights Chicago Blues Band.  Here we held the first performance of our 'Night Train' piece, and had the backing of an AMAZING blues band! Alas, the video has been lost... but you can check out Tre' at Nextcat    




JUL ? at the Beijing Capital Art Museum:


Above, from left to right: Jack Raif, K Benjamin, Seth (behind, videographer), Bai Wei, and Bob Marcacci. Individual poems performed amidst paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh, Ernst, and others. Some improvised, some read, some bi-lingual (english/chinese) poems written by the group, and a special performance of Night Train, a group poetry/rhythm performance emulating a train passing through the night of a western american landscape. Very fun, very memorable. Lots of media there. Good times.