Just Get Here: Here's How

So you're ready to motor (Or peddle. Or paddle)? 

2619 W Ravine Rd

How Are People Organizing?
Folks are organizing their own floats, self-supported bike rides, and carpools.  If you'd like to join in on a float or ride that's already organized, let us know via Facebook or at the e-mail address below.  

Guess what? We can't wait to hear the stories of how you arrived at the Drift. So much so that we're going to give an excitingly awesome prize to the folks who arrive with the most hilarious/awesome/inspiring story of how they hiked/biked/floated/flew or teleported in.

Need help with travel arrangements including canoe transport or shuttling?  We've got your back. Shoot us an e-mail Driftlessdrifter@gmail.com