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Past Projects

Business Systems:
(1978) Wall truss design software for a lumber company.
(1980) Store display systems using graphics and sound.
(1980) Remote computer maintenance via modem.
(1981) Inventory Management software for a retail store.
(1986) Word Processor with realtime spell checking.
(1987) Inventory management system and database software for an injection molder.

Advanced Systems:
(1988) Micro CT scanner for medical research.
(1990) Internet based control of a work cell including robot and NC mill.
(1990) Neural Network software for back propagation methods.
(1991) Message Passing System for multiprocessors collaboration.
(1993) Boolean algebra software.
(1994) Solid modeling kernel.
(1995) Additive Milled Pocket manufacturing.
(1999-2002) Linux PLC.
add more later....