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Jim Engh, Golf Digest's 2003 Architect of the Year, said:  Dave Holland's vast and intimate knowledge of Colorado golf courses makes The Colorado Golf Bible invaluable.


Tom Green, Denver’s WB2 Morning Show: “A new book (The Colorado Golf Bible) takes golf in Colorado to a new level. It’s the most comprehensive guide of the state’s golf courses -- a great travel guide. If you are a golfer you are going to want one of these.”
Bob Fagan said, "Dave Holland's book, The Colorado Golf Bible, sets the gold standard.  I have many similar state guides, but this one stands above as none packs nearly as much information in such a neat, little package.  What's more, Holland furnishes a wealth of invaluable background history together with some interesting resources and topics.  It's a "Double Eagle!"
Fagan is author of Golf’s Higher Plane, an empowering psychospiritual guide to better golf. One of America’s best traveled golfers and former teaching and playing professional, he is coaches, speaks, and writes to a variety of golf topics. Check it out at www.golfshigherplane.com.

Doug Carey, TravelGolf.com publications manager: We've always considered David R. Holland to be one of the best golf writers in the country. Thanks to "The Colorado Golf Bible," more people are discovering what we've known for years. A senior writer at TravelGolf.com since 1998, Holland is receiving rave reviews for his work on "The Colorado Golf Bible," the first comprehensive travel golf guidebook to cover every course in Colorado and the state's best off-the-beaten path travel guide.

Chris Rodell, author, "Hole in One! The Complete Book of Fact, Legend and Lore on Golf's Luckiest Shot," Andrews McMeel, 2003, (www.chrisrodell.com), said:

You don't have to be a Colorado resident to give "The Colorado Golf Bible" a reverential, "Amen, Brother!" This appetite-whetting compendium is perfect for golf vacation planners or anyone who gets to tote the sticks on business to the Rocky Mountains. Remarkably comprehensive, the book includes course descriptions, directions, histories and the authoritative Holland’s insightful observations about why Colorado golf is among the best in America. Reliable dining, lodging and off-course tourist recommendations for each town are posted, too. A "Border Crossings" chapter allows wanderlust golfers to knowledgably plan worthwhile road trips. The book even contains chapters worth keeping in the bags of players who'll never even poke a tee in Colorado soil. Ever been embarrassed by your ignorance of what a "nassau" is? The Colorado Golf Bible explains on 381. Heck, the book even gives tips on how to dress like a cool golfer:

"Avoid Dork Syndrome and refrain from buttoning your shirt all the way to the top. A little bit of a gap is best."

True, and it’s advice some PGA stars could use. Each page contains witty and thought-provokingobservations from the game¹s greats like Nicklaus, Hogan, Palmer and from lesser known savants like Wiffi Smith who remarked: "On the course, what is feared is like a magnet. Water, bunkers, trees, ravines, high grass-- whatever you fear turns magnetic."Golfers everywhere will swear on a stack of real Bibles that The Colorado Golf Bible makes for some heavenly and informative reading.

Television coverage

The Colorado Golf Bible has also been featured on Rocky Mountain Fox Sports Net, KRDO News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs, and Denver Channel 4’s heralded Colorado Getaways television travel magazine.