The Colorado Golf Bible 

Book, Chapter and Verse on America's Most Beautiful Golf State 

He's published more than 5,000 articles, so when you want to know about golf look for the "David R. Holland" byline.
Some peers think his course reviews are among the best in the business.
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And if you are looking for a Sunday round in Colorado, want to plan a major golf pilgrimage, or simply enjoy wandering the back roads, The Colorado Golf Bible is the perfect inspiration for filling up the ice chest, spreading out the maps, throwing the clubs in the back of the truck, and heading down the road for a golf adventure.

"David R. Holland is one of the best travel golf writers in the USA," said Brent Kelley of "With The Colorado Golf Bible, readers get far more than lists of yardages and golf course fax numbers. Holland provides readers with plenty of honest opinions - the good, the bad, the ugly and the unusual about Colorado golf courses. And he does so with the flair that has made him one of the best in the business."

"I was excited when I first heard about The Colorado Golf Bible. After reading it from cover to cover, I can honestly say that this book blew me away. Dave Holland writes with wit and authority, generously sprinkling into his comprehensive course descriptions entertaining nuggets of trivia and history and indispensable service information about the areas surrounding the courses. This opus--Mr. Holland's opus, if you will--unequivocally distinguishes Dave as one of Colorado's foremost golf authorities," said Jon Rizzi, editor, Colorado AvidGolfer Magazine.

"David R. Holland's love of history and golf is so evident in The Colorado Golf Bible. I know personally he has researched such classics as Patty Jewett extensively and I've enjoyed his travel golf stories about Colorado. This book is a must for anyone who loves playing golf in the great state of Colorado," said Rick Phelps, son of Colorado Hall of Famer Dick Phelps of Phelps Golf Design.

The Colorado Golf Bibleis the offspring of Fandango Publishing’s The Texas Golf Bible, which weighed in at exactly 800 pages, separated the state into eight regions with up-to-date, detailed descriptions of more than 900 courses and 430 cities.

Much more than the golf-course directories you can pick up today in Colorado, this is a guidebook, something a golfer can throw in the truck and use anytime he’s on the road. Or he can put it on the book shelf, ready for planning the next golf vacation.

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