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Dr. Masoud Hedayatifard  

Fisheries Sciences and Technology

Masoud Hedayatifard

Fish Processing Technologist

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (IAU, Iran), MSc, BSc.

Department of Fisheries Sciences
Qaemshahr branch, Islamic Azad University,
College of Agriculture ad Natural Resources
PO Box: 163,
Office:   +98-114-2155160

Fax no:  +98-114-2155025

E-mail: Persiafish@gmail.com


Dr. Masoud Hedayatifard is faculty member (since 1998). He has graduated in Fisheries Sciences and Technology in his all the academic high-educations. He started the research work at the Iranian coasts of Oman Sea on the Biology of Tuna fish (Scombridae, 1994-95). Then he continued to work the Department of Aquaculture and Fish Genetics, Mazandaran Fisheries Research Center (Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center, Iran) in the field of Gametogenesis of Sturgeon fish (1995-1997).

His PhD was subjected to Fisheries Processing Technology and his major research interest has been Fish processing (especially that of Seafood composition, in relation with the Omega-3 Fatty acids composition and its fluctuations in the Aquatics animals), also, Fish Nutrition and Sturgeon fishes (Acipenseridae). More recently, his interest focused towards the role of omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids in the nutritional value. He also studies the mechanisms of the Peroxidations of these fatty acids by deterioration of the lipid tissues, and Fish Feeding and Nutrition too. He is the author of about 71 original scientific ISI-ISC papers published in peer reviewed international and national journals and about 150 papers as presentation in the national and international conferences. Dr. Hedayatifard worked as a General Director in Persia Fisheries Industries Co. (since 2001); Dr. Hedayatifard has published about 220 scientific articles include International and National Journals, Scientific Meeting and Conferences and Lectures in Colleges and Universities. He performed 10 Scientific Investigate-Research Projects as administrator.   


He was the Chairman of Fisheries Sciences and Technology Department, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Azad University, Qaemshahr (since 2005). Dr. Hedayatifard is adviser of Fisheries companies and organizations. In addition, he supervises on PhD and MSc hypothesis in some Fisheries and Marine sciences departments in Iran. To his research work, Masoud Hedayatifard teaches Fish Nutrition and Fish Processing at the University for MSc and BSc students (since 1998). He has scientific cooperation with many Iranian Scientific journals; and recently, Dr. Hedayatifard joined the editorial board on some of scientific journals.

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