About Me

I am a 24 year teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Columbus Middle School has been my home for 19 of those years. My Doctorate of Education is from Pepperdine University and my area of emphasis is Bullying Prevention. My Bachelors degree is in Exercise Physiology from CSUN back when the earth was cooling.

My son is my pride and joy. I adopted him 11 years ago from the country of Kazakhstan and he is now entering his senior year in high school. We spend time participating in sporting activities and traveling. Other interests include raising Flat Coated Retrievers and activities related to dogs, such as showing, obedience, agility, search and rescue, and field.

My personal philosophy is to give back as much as I can. To that end, I am a medic and volunteer with the Ventura County Medical Emergency Team. We deploy all of the US to major disasters. I also have a small business teaching CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Preparedness.


Other little known facts are that I am a Master Teacher for CSUN science teacher candidates and a Certified Core Adjunct Professor for National University Teacher Education program since 1996.

This movie  <---- was based on a survey I answered for Hyundai about my new car! Imagine my surprise when I saw it on TV!!!! 

About My School

Columbus Middle School is tucked into a neat little neighborhood bounded by Roscoe to the north, Saticoy to the south,Topanga to the west, and Shoup on the east. The students all walk to school. There is no bussing of students from other areas of the city. The families who come to Columbus are multigenerational. In my tenure at the school, I have taught parents and then their children. I have had cousins, nieces, grandchildren, and other relations. I have heard stories of how some of the older family members lived in the neighborhood back when there was no concrete wash, and they made rafts from pieces of wood to float downstream on, and caught frogs on the banks of the stream. It is a special place for a kid to grow up. The sad part to the school, is that it has a gang reputation. Once upon a time we had a large population, but because we are not a site that has kids from outside the area, it is a very peaceful campus. However, the reputation has preceded the school. Our numbers have dropped to only 800 students. This has reduced our ability to teach electives and do little more than offer bare bones in terms of classes.

About My School

As the only 7th grade science and health teacher, I see all of the 7th graders. I teach the full range from ESL classes, to mainstream, to gifted. I also offer an enrichment class called Emergency Preparedness. I train two groups of kids in CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Response to natural disasters. My students all can set up the equipment on the campus if there is an earthquake or other emergency. They understand weather emergencies. I have included the LAFD CERT program as part of the activities they complete. They can do search and rescue, as well as recovery.