Professor Guy Woodward - Research Pages

Prof. Guy Woodward - River Nile, Egypt

Professor of Ecology

Imperial College London

Department of Life Sciences

Silwood Park Campus

Buckhurst Road


Berkshire SL5 7PY

United Kingdom

Email: guy.woodward "at" imperial "dot" ac "dot" uk

Series Editor: Advances in Ecological Research

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Research keywords:  Food webs and ecological networks, aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, metagenomics, human impacts on fresh waters (climate change, acidification, eutrophication, species invasions).

Potential Undergraduate and Masters Research Projects on offer: Invasion of an acidified stream food web by brown trout; Climate change impacts on food webs; Predator-prey interactions in freshwaters; Restoration and conservation of rivers; Predator foraging biology and handling constraints; Global warming in freshwater ecosystems: experimental field studies; Pesticide impacts on ecological networks.

Below: The food web of Lochnagar, an acidified mountain lake in the Scottish highlands (Layer et al. 2010)

Brief cv - Appointments and Academic Career

2015               Professor of Ecology (Full) - Imperial College London

2013               Reader in Ecology - Imperial College London

2013.              Aquatic Ecology Group Leader - British Ecological Society

2012               Reader in Ecology - Queen Mary University of London

2012               Visiting Lecturer – University of Lund, Sweden

2012               Scientific Committee Member – Congress of the Iberian Society of Limnology

2011               Visiting Lecturer – University of Braga, Portugal

2011               External Examiner – Imperial College MSc Programme

2011               Advisory Panel Member for Royal Society / Defra Horizon Scanning Group

2010              Series Editor for Advances in Ecological Research

2008              Senior Lecturer in Ecology (School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, QMUL)

2008              Natural Environment Research Council Peer Review College Member

2005              Associate Editor for Journal of Animal Ecology

2004              Lecturer (SBCS, QMUL).

2002-04         EU 5th Framework Postdoctoral Research Assistant (University College Cork, Ireland)

2000-02         Natural Environment Research Council PDRA (University of Edinburgh) 

2000             a) Research Assistant (QMUL); b) Visiting Lecturer (University of Surrey) 

1999             PhD in Freshwater Ecology (QMUL)

1995             1st Class BSc (Hons) in Ecology and Environmental Management (Cardiff University)

Below: Brown trout are top predators in many of the stream food webs studied by the Woodward research groupAttachment: Brown trout caught from an Icelandic geothermal stream (2009) 

Research Interests
My current research interests are focused on quantifying the impacts of stressors (climate change, acidification, eutrophication, species invasions and habitat alteration) on the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems. I am currently collaborating with a range of expert from different disciplines in order to understand the links between patterns and processes in natural systems, and to develop a conceptual framework within which to advance ecological theory. I am particularly interested in how "metabolic theory" can be applied to complex ecological systems. Body size and temperature determine basal metabolic rate, and the consequences of this are manifested across multiple levels of biological organisation, from molecules, to individuals, to entire ecosystems (see image below). Allometric scaling relationships are common in nature (e.g. body size versus ingestion rate, growth rate, interaction strength etc.) and can have potentially profound effects on the structure and dynamics of complex ecological networks (food webs, plant-pollinator networks etc.) and their ability to withstand perturbations.

Above: Cover image from Advances in Ecological Research Volume 43: Ecological networks are comprised of multiple species populations (depicted as spheres in the food web on the right),  each of which is in turn comprised of multiple individuals and genomes (depicted by the DNA molecules within each sphere).  The metagenome of the entire ecosystem determines its functional attributes.

In parallel with this ongoing work I am also developing new individual-based approaches to ecological networks. Most food webs published to date ignore the fact that trophic interactions occur between individuals, even though this is the level at which feeding links are realised.  An individual-based perspective can reveal surprising differences from the traditional viewpoint. Ultimately, one of my aims of my research is to use it to address more applied issues: in particular, I am interested in how food webs and ecosystems respond to stressors - especially climate change. If we can understand the underlying mechanisms then we are in a better position to be able to conserve, or even restore, damaged ecosystems.  Much of my current research is now directed towards studying geothermally-heated streams in Iceland (see Figure below), to study the impacts of global warming on natural systems.  

Below: Icelandic geothermal streams are "sentinel systems" of climate change, studied by the Woodward research group


Research Group and Grant Awards
I have been awarded >£10.6m of external research grant funding since 2005 as PI or Co-I. In 2015 I was awarded £3.7m as Project Leader of a NERC Large Grant on "Gene-to-ecosystem impacts of global warming", in a multi-instutional bid with a diverse range partners in 10 countries.  In 2012 I was awarded £3.7m, including £430k as PI on part of a larger consortium (£3m) NERC grant led by Isabelle Durance at Cardiff University and £700k on a NERC Standard Grant led by Dr Mark Ledger.  I was awarded £511k in 2011 as PI for another NERC Standard grant ("Using individual metabolism and body size to predict climate warming impacts on aquatic food webs"; Woodward, Reuman, Petchey & Reiss).  In 2010 I was awarded >£1m as a Co-Investigatior on two NERC Standard grants (PIs: Jon Grey & Mark Trimmer)I was previously the Principal Investigator on a NERC Grant (£372k) "Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships in fresh waters: a food web perspective" (2006-2009).  I co-wrote another NERC Grant as the named PDRA (£338k [2005-2008]) investigating how the introduction of a top predator alters the structure and functioning of a stream food web and was awarded a further two years of funding (£575k [2008-2010) as Co-I under the NERC EHFI scheme to carry out an additional bottom-up manipulation of the same food web. In addition to the grants above, I have received >£500k from the European Science Foundation, the John Spedan Lewis Foundation, AXA Insurance, and NERC Open Case and NERC Algorithim studentships.

Research Collaborations

I have a broad range of active and ongoing collaborations with many world experts in population, community and ecosystem ecology, including Dr Jose Montoya (CNRS, France), Prof. Joel Cohen (Rockefeller Institute, USA), Dr Dan Reuman (Kansas State, USA), Prof. Owen Petchey (University of Zurich), Prof. Simon Jennings (CEFAS / University of East Anglia), Prof. Bo Ebenman (Linkoping University, Sweden) and Dr Nikolai Friberg (NIVA, Norway). Our work has included investigating the mechanistic basis of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships and food web interactions (e.g., see Figure of Broadstone Stream food web below), including measuring and predicting the possible impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems.  

Below: Broadstone Stream food web: one of the model systems studied by the Woodward research group 

Previous and Current Postdoctoral Reasearch Assistants 
(inc. first employment post PDRA/Fellowship)
                    1.              Dr Rebecca Kordas (2014-2016) NSF funded [Fellowship; PI – Woodward]
                    2.              Dr Murray Thompson (2013-2014)  NERC funded [PI – Woodward.             
                    3.         Dr Kris Hart (2013-2015) NERC funded [PI –Trimmer; Co-I Woodward]
                    4.              Dr Chris Hulatt (2012-2015)  NERC funded [PI –Ledger/ Trimmer; Co-I Woodward]
                    5.              Dr Matthew O’Callaghan (2012-2015)  NERC funded [PI –Ledger/Trimmer; Co-I Woodward]
                    6.              Dr Daniel M. Perkins (2012-2015) NERC funded [PI - Woodward; Co-I Grey] (Lecturer - University of Roehampton)
                    7.              Dr Eoin O'Gorman (2011-14)  NERC funded [PI - Woodward; Co-Is Reuman, & Petchey (NERC Research Fellow 2014-2019)
                    8.              Dr Nicola Ings (2011-15) NERC funded [PI –Grey; Co-Is Woodward, Trimmer, Hildrew]
                    9.              Dr Gabriel Yvon-Durocher  (2010-13) NERC funded [PI –Trimmer; Co-Is Woodward, Reuman] (Lecturer, University of Exeter)
                    10.           Dr Julia Reiss (2006-2009)  NERC funded [PI –Woodward, Co-I Hildrew] (Lecturer - University of Roehampton)
                    11.           Dr Francois Edwards  (2005-2010) NERC funded [PI –Jones; Co-Is –Woodward, Hildrew, Grey, Trimmer] (CEH Senior Research Officer)

PhD students (inc. first employment post PhD)

  1. Mr Sam North (2014) "Developing new ecoinformatics approaches for characterising complex ecological networks"
  2. Mr Joe Huddart (2013).  "Restoration of Chalk Rivers: Challenging Ecological Theory with Real-World Data"
  3. Mr Lei Zhao (2012)  Associate Student "Developing Network Approaches to Bioassessment in Chinese Freshwaters"
  4. Ms Xueke Lu (2012, with Dr A. Ma, QMUL) “Applying Information Theory to Ecological Networks"
  5. Ms Clare Gray (2012, with Dr A. Ma, QMUL; Dr Michael Dobson, Freshwater Biological Association; Dr Francois Edwards, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)  QMUL CASE “Developing a novel network-based approach to biomonitoring”
  6. Ms Victoria Warren (2011, with Dr M. Trimmer - NERC funded) "Environmental warming impacts on biogeochemical cycles in freshwater mesocosms"
  7. Ms Georgina Adams (2011, with Dr D. Reuman & Prof. S. Jennings) "Developing individual-based approaches to assess size-structure in commercial fisheries"
  8. Mr Matteo Dossena (2011, with Dr M. Trimmer - AXA Insurance funded) "Predicting climate change impacts in complex ecosystems: a mesocosm approach" 
  9. Dr Aurora Samson (2011, with Prof. A. Hildrew & Jon Grey - NERC funded) "Methane as a carbon source in stream food webs"
  10. Dr Gareth Jenkins (2010 - NERC funded)  "Recovery from acidification and trout invasion of a complex stream food web" (BP)
  11. Dr Murray Thompson (2009; with Dr Steve Brooks & Dr Carl Sayer - John Lewis Partnership funded) - "The decline of riverflies in chalk rivers" (Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Imperial and UCL)
  12. Dr Rebecca Stewart (2008; with Dr Genoveva Esteban & Prof. Bland Finlay - NERC funded) - "Protist assemblages under simulated global warming scenarios" (University of Lund Postdoctoral Researcher, Sweden)
  13. Dr Doris Pichler (2008; with Dr Nikolai Friberg - NERC funded) "Climate change in Icelandic geothermal streams" (Syngenta)
  14. Dr Jack Forster (2008; with Dr Andrew Hirst - NERC funded) - "Metabolic constraints on zooplankton life-history" (UK Civil Service)
  15. Dr Shaun Cotter (2006; part-time, with Prof. A. Hildrew - self-funded) "Impacts of watercress farming on chalk streams"
  16. Dr Rick Hayes (2007; with Dr J. Grey - QMUL Studentship) "Impacts of exotic invasive crayfish in U.K. rivers" (Environment Agency, UK)
  17. Dr Rasmus Lauridsen (2005 part-time & with Prof. A. Hildrew & Dr J.I. Jones; QMUL Studentship) "Consumer-resource stoichiometry in stream food webs" (NERC Research Assistant with Jones, Trimmer, Grey & Woodward at QMUL) 
  18. Dr Daniel Perkins (2006 - NERC funded) "Climate change impacts on biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relations" (Visiting Lecturer at University of Surrey and QMUL; Lecturer at Roehampton University)
  19. Dr Gabriel Yvon-Durocher (2006 -2010; with Dr J. Montoya & Dr M. Trimmer - NERC funded)  "Climate change impacts on nutrient cycling and ecosystem metabolism in mesocosms" (NERC Post-doc with Trimmer, Reuman & Woodward at QMUL)
  20. Dr Katrin Layer (2005-2010; with Prof. A. Hildrew - QMUL Studentship) "Food web responses to changing acidity in freshwaters" (German Government - Environmental Consultancy)
  21. Dr Sally Hladyz (2002-2006, with Prof. Paul Giller, UCC - EU 5th Framework funded); see above (CSIRO, Australia)

I typically supervise several MSc project students each year, from across a broad range of subject areas - in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 my group took several MSc students to Iceland, where they carried out the fieldwork for their research dissertations. Several of these MSc projects have resulted in published scientific papers (e.g. O'Gorman et al. 2012;   Rawcliffe et al. 2010 and Woodward et al 2008 [see list of publications below]). 


a) Selected papers (full list of publications below; * denotes G. Woodward as corresponding author)

1. PRIMARY RESEARCH: *[pdf] Woodward G., et al. (2012) Continental-scale effects of nutrient pollution on stream ecosystem functioning.  Science, 336, 1448-1440.

2. PRIMARY RESEARCH  Yvon-Durocher, G., et al. (2012) Reconciling differences in the temperature-dependence of ecosystem respiration across time scales and ecosystem types.  Nature, in press.

3. PRIMARY RESEARCH: *[pdf] Woodward, G., et al (2010)  Sentinel systems on the razor's edge: effects of warming on Arctic stream ecosystems.  Global Change Biology,16, 1979-1991.

4. REVIEW: *[pdf] Woodward, G., et al (2005) Body-size in ecological networks. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 20, 402-409.

5. REVIEW *[pdf] Ings,T.C., et al (2009). Ecological networks - beyond food webs. Journal of Animal Ecology, 78, 253-269.

Ings et al. review paper (Corresponding Author: G. Woodward) "Ecological networks: beyond food webs" (2009).  This paper was the most highly cited article in the journal in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

b) All publications, from 2001-date (* denotes G. Woodward as corresponding author) - please e-mail me if you would like reprints.  

Peer-reviewed journal papers (+ denotes Woodward as Corresponding Author; key papers are highlighted with “*” and bold text)

  1. Brennan, A. C., Woodward, G., Seehausen, O., Muñoz-Fuentes, V., Moritz, C., Guelmami, A., ... & Edelaar, P. (2015). Hybridization due to changing species distributions: adding problems or solutions to conservation of biodiversity during global change?. Evolutionary Ecology Research16(6), 475-491.
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