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  • Facilities Available:-
  • Endoscopic Unit :-
    A Well organised and well equipped endoscopic unit for all type of diagnosis & Management .

  • Gyne Laparoscopy for Laparoscopic assisted Vaginal Hystrectomy, for removal of tubal adhesions, tuboplasty, treatment of endometriosis, removal of cyst, removal of subserous fibroid, adhesiolysis , Cystectomy,

  • oophrectomy, removal of unruptured ectopic pregnancy.

  • For diagnosis & treatment of tubal block.

  • Hystrecopy for diagnosis & removal of endometrial adhesions, endometrial Growth, submucus fibroid ,removal of septa , tubal cannulation etc.

  • Transcervical Resection Of Endometrium(TCRE) 

  • Endoscopic Surgery :- Laparoscopic cholesystectomy , Laparoscopic appendecectomy , Laparoscopic harnioraphy,
    SPERM BANK:-Sperm Wash, sperm concentration , sperm seperation,sperm preservation.
  • Artificial Insemination :- AIH, AID.
  • Male Fertility Clinic :- Sperm Analysis, Fertility Hormonal Essay, Testicular biopsy,Testicular,bloodflow.
  • Female Fertility Clinic :-Hormonal profile, ultrasonography .Utrine biophysical Profile,Ovulation Study,Color dopplar study.
  • Sex Clinic For female sex problems , libido , vaginismus
  • ULTRASONOGRAPHY :- Color doplor Study , TVS , Saline Hystreosalpingiography.
  • Adolscent clinic.
  • Antenatal Clinic.
  • Postnatal Clinic & Postnatal Exercise Clinic.
  • Menopause & Geartic Clinic.
  • Family Planning & MTP Clinic :- Govt Approved Family Planning & MTP Clinic. Genetic Clinic
  • ADVANCE PEDIATRIC CARE CENTER :- For all type of Neonatal Care, Well Equipped Nursery, Open Care System , Incubator , Exchange blood transfusion, Nebuliser.
    Vaccination Clinic.

  • Well Baby Clinic.
  • Plastic Surgery :- On Every 25th  Of the Month for cleft lip, cleft plate , hypospedias,skin grafting,reconstruction of ear, nose ( rhinoplasty), removal of scar, Mamoplasty, vaginoplasty etc.