Associate Professor, University of Agder

Hi there!

I am an associate professor at the University of Agder, in Norway, where I teach in the Dept. of Information and Communication Technology and conduct research with the Intelligent Signal Processing and Wireless Networks Center

I work mostly on research, both individually and with my PhD students. My research revolves around several areas:

  • UAV communications: we are currently working on developing a suitable technology for communications of UAVs that perform autonomous and semi-autonomous operations. The rapidly changing nature of the channel as well as the need for low-latency and highly-reliable communication calls for enhancements and extensions of the cellular infrastructure that we are developing using machine learning.  

  • Time-series mining: we work on making sense out of the enormous amount of data collected by sensors in scientific and industrial environments nowadays. We apply machine learning and network science techniques to unveil casual relations among processes, which allows high-level understanding of the dynamics of complex systems that cannot be analyzed through traditional model-based approaches.

  • Decentralized processing with sensor networks: we are developing network science tools to split the computation load across the sensors of a network. The purpose is to lengthen network lifetime, improve robustness, and reduce hardware costs. 

For past contributions, see "Publications".

Besides research, I teach several PhD courses on optimization and statistical signal processing.