Group Leader

Dr. Gautam Panda

Gautam Panda was born at Contai, Midnapore, West Bengal, India. After completing B. Sc. in Chemistry (Hons.) from Calcutta University, he obtained M.Sc. in Chemical Sciences from IIT Kharagpur in 1993. Later he completed Ph.D. working with Prof. Goverdhan Mehta at University of Hyderabad on classical synthesis of bucky-bowls in 1999. He had postdoctoral stint as NSERC visiting fellow in the lab of Prof. Howard Alper, University of Ottawa and Dr. Prabhat Arya, National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada from 2000-2001. He subsequently joined CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow in 2002 as an independent scientist. His research interests centered around finding new chemical entities in treating tuberculosis and breast cancer through synthesis of natural products and like molecules from chiral amino acids and trisubstituted methanes (TRSMs)

Dr. Gautam Panda extensively, ingeniously harnessed chiral amino acids (AAs) and syn-2,3-dihydroxy esters in synthesis of several potent bioactives such as (-)-Balanol, Ophiocordin, (+)-epiquinamide, (+)-α- conhydrine, C3-epi-(+)-lycoricidine, Jaspine B, 8,8a-diepicastanospermine, (-)-Swainsonine, levofloxacin, (─)-Raphidecursinol B, spisulosine etc. Hetero [6-5-6] tricyclics resembling Taiwaniaquinoids and C-nor-D-homo steroids were synthesized through first heteroaromatic Nazarov type cyclization with excellent regioselectivity. His chiral serine azide through Weinreb amide to reduce acidity of α-proton is widely utilized. In quest for steroidomimetics, he envisages to employ AAs to incorporate chiral chemical space which otherwise very difficult to introduce and comprised of several synthetic steps for asymmetric steroids. His consistent effort has resulted in bringing trisubstituted methanes (TRSMs) and AA derived steroidals and nonsteroidals towards developing potent antitubercular and anticancer agents respectively .