Lambda Alpha at ULV

The Omicron of California Chapter at the University of La Verne is the local chapter of the national anthropology honor society, Lambda Alpha.  Lifetime memberships in the national organization can be applied for through the Faculty Sponsor (Dr. Kanya Godde).  Membership benefits include:

1.  Forum for students to publish:  The Lambda Alpha Journal reserves 50% of its space for student publications  
2.  Scholarships:  Membership allows students to apply for two annual scholarships
3.  CV Builder:  A nationally recognized honor society in their major
4.  Graduation Decor:  Pins and stoles designating the honor society can be purchased for graduation
5.  Honor's Club Activities: Membership to Omicron will provide a forum for activities to promote understanding and practice in anthropology


 1.  A minimum of 12 units completed in anthropology*
 2.  A minimum of a 3.0 GPA in those anthropology courses
 3.  A minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA
 * As our department is a combined sociology/anthropology department, a student may count up to 6 units of sociology course work towards these requirements


Applications may be obtained from outside of the Faculty Sponsor's office.  Fees and other information are listed in the application.


Faculty Sponsor:

Please direct any questions to the Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Kanya Godde at  Office location: HB 105.