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Diseases and drugs

Cancer - a 30 minute video on what cancer is, how we can reduce the risk of developing cancer, and then the conventional and complementary therapies which are available to cancer patients click here

Fatigue, failure and disease - how fatigue and failure can be treated and helped - A 15 minute video on Heart failure, chronic fatigue and any condition where fatigue is present click here

Diabetes - a 30 minutes talk on type 2 diabetes and how it can be helped and treated.  A disease where modern medicine is failing, but where simple steps can make a huge difference.  Understanding a disease is the first step on the way to overcoming it. click here

Children's diseases - a 40 minute video on children's diseases, the dangers our children are facing and what parents can do  to protect them click here

Men's Health talk - a 30 minute video on men's health and diseases which affect men (and women) and what they can do to prevent and treat them. click here

Heart disease - a 30 minute video on coronary heart disease - why it happens, and what we can do to prevent and treat it.  A must view for all people at risk of developing heart disease  click here

Dr Oz - on heart disease and health - an excellent 38 minute video by Dr Oz, with practical advice on heart disease and keeping us healthy click here

Multiple Sclerosis - what the disease is and what patients can do to help themselves (10 mins) click here

Fibromyalgia - A review of this condition and how it can be helped (10 mins)  click here

Vitamin C to fight infections - How vitamin C can help in the treatment of severe (and less severe) infections, both virus and bacterial.  A treatment which everyone needs to know about - (20 minutes) click here

Maori and polynesian disease prevention - how we could reduce the risk of cancer heart disease and many of today's diseases in Polynesian and other people, so simply and at minimal cost.(23 mins)  click here

How to fight fatigue - for doctors, pilots, shift workers and other people working long hours (10 min)  click here

Statin drugs -   Do we need to take statins?   We discuss the dangers and benefits of these very contentious drugs (10min),  click here

Nutritional supplements 

Supplements - why we need them.  Supplements for all ages - 45 minute video click here

Probiotics - How they work and why they could help so many people and conditions (10 min). click here