Consulting Cardiologist and General Physician

Dr Gerald Lewis MB ChB, FRCP(UK). FRACP, MD(Otago)
Cardiologist and a General Physician.

Medicine is a great deal more than drugs and operations, and in almost 40 years of specialist practice, I have realised the power of BOTH conventional medicines but also many so called complementary medicines which modern medicine now almost totally ignores.  
I also feel we have lost our wonder in the ability of the human body to protect itself and heal. By supporting the body's repair and immune systems, we can achieve a great deal. 

In my practice, with my experience in general medicine as well as cardiology, I believe it is essential to look at the person as a whole, not a specific organ system which is not working well,  and by whole I also include mind body and nutritional medicines which are perhaps the most powerful healers of all.  

Services I provide:
  • General medical consultations - I am happy to advise on most medical conditions, and my philosophy and approach can be seen in the advice given in the conditions listed on the left of this page. 

  • Cardiology consultation - I have been an invasive cardiologist, but now advise on the  treatments I believe are best for the patient before me. This may be referral for a procedure or just optimising medical and nutritional therapies. 

  • Investigations - ECG, Echo cardiogram

  • Procedures - I believe my role is to advise or give a second opinion and not to push any particular treatment or procedure; I therefor refer patients on to whatever we jointly feel is the most appropriate therapy - surgery, angiography, angioplasty, stent, EECP, CT scanning for calcium,  nutritional therapy, chelation, iv Vitamin C, other iv therapies, mind/body practitioners, acupuncture, hormonal therapies,

  • On Line consultations - I am happy to advise people at a distance, but much prefer to meet people face to face.  Brief consultations and follow up requests are free, but more complex time consuming cases do involve a charge.  Contact me as above. 

Dr Gerald Lewis MB ChB, FRACP, FRCP(UK), MD (Otago)
  • Graduated from Otago Medical School (New Zealand) in 1967, along with his wife Monica. Following hospital work in Christchurch he went to the UK for post graduate training:
    General Medicine and clinical pharmacology - Coventry and Hammersmith Hospitals Cardiology - Hammersmith and St Thomas hospitals.

  • His MD thesis was on the treatment of patients recovering after open heart surgery and the effects of various drugs and therapies on the heart.

  • He returned to Christchurch and worked for 12 years at Princess Margaret Hospital as a cardiologist and general physician. He then moved to Napier for 15 years and worked there as a General Physician and invasive cardiologist until the hospital was closed.
  • Following this he has gained further experience in a number of medical fields - Private cardiology in the Wakefield Hospital Wellington, Calcium scoring for coronary artery disease (Salus Health), Chelation and intravenous vitamin C therapy (CAM Auckland) EECP therapy (Primary Heart Care Auckland). 
    He has continued to provide General Physician locums to smaller hospitals around New Zealand
  • Accolades - 
    • For his early work in treating high blood pressure (he was the first to demonstrate the value of Calcium channel blocking drugs in the treatment of high blood presssure) he was biographed in Who's Who in Medicine and Who's Who in the World. He was awarded a 'Certificate of Appreciation" from the city of Napier NZ National Heart foundation 'Certificate of Appreciation' Secretary of the NZ Cardiac society
    • Member of the scientific committee NZ National Heart Foundation. Member of PTAC ro review drugs entering New Zealand
    • Scientific papers - 
      • MD theses on "the Treatment of patients after open heart surgery"
      • Many publications in medical journals and papers.
      • Presentations at international meetings
      • Author of 4 books - on Heart Disease, Cancer and Nutritional Supplements


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Dr Gerald will share his over 40 years experience in how to prevent and treat diseases, using the best of both conventional and complementary medicine.
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There are a number of articles, videos and books on this site with information for most medical conditions. If you cannot see the topic in the list down the left of the page, put your query in the search box at the top right of this page. 

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One of the problems we have today:
An ageing population suffering from heart disease, limited resources and funds to cope with them in the 'conventional' way. 
We need to help people to be able to look after themselves.

This graph shows the huge rise in angina patients in both young and old in the UK.  The information is similar all round the developed world and will continue to get worse unless we make significant changes.

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