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Sindh Update No. 3 * Sept 16

posted Sep 16, 2011, 10:12 AM by Geoff Lapp   [ updated Sep 16, 2011, 10:38 AM ]

So far we have been contacted by some but no donation or help from anyside till now. May Allah help us all n keep us n our beloveds protected


The Young Doctors Flood Relief Mission is working in Mirpurkhas. The Team is staying at home of a gentleman, called, Mian Amjad who is on his own expenses supporting 1600 flood effectees, and  he happens to b the VP PML-N in this region.

So far YDA team has treated more then 7500 patients in periphery of Mirpurkhas in about 30 different villages n camps...conditions r worst...the team risked there lives at least 3 times while conducting the rescue missions as once they stuck in flood near sanghar secondly 3days ago an ambulance of our slipped from worn out bank of a canal but miraculously came to stop n today an ambulance seating Dr Faqeer, Zeeshan Sajid overturned in a canal as the road was under water....luckily some locals were around they jumped in save the Drs n Driver n then pull out the vehicle with some added help n ropes. May Allah protect the volunteers n young lionhearted Drs...Govt of Sindh is a total failure n ignorant...May Allah keep the poor ppl safe...its Allah's blessing that surprisingly conjunctivitis n Malaria havent turned in epidemics yet n still there is no sign of cholera or a major outbreak of Gastro.

Today's Stats i.e Friday Sept 16th

2 mobile teams visited Hashim Bhurguri UC, Jakhrani UC, Pachanr (forgive the spelling), Dajeero, Feder Shakha(here the team ambulance over turned in the canal havng the same name today) UC Khuda dad, UC Jawaria Sir

Total pts     1154

ARI              295

Skin              257

Gastro          269

Malaria         175(alarming raise)

Eye               65

Others          83