Now Accepting Applications for 2015-16 Program

posted Feb 10, 2015, 7:09 AM by Drexel RET   [ updated Feb 12, 2015, 7:03 AM ]

Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics is pleased to announce that the REThink Project, a Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Site in Engineering and Computer Science for Big Data, Machine Learning and CS Principles, is now accepting applications for its 2015-2016 Program.

STEM and Computer Science high school teachers and 2-year college faculty in the City of Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area are encouraged to apply for this non-residential program running June 29, 2015–August 14, 2015.

Over the course of the 7-week institute, teachers will receive an orientation that covers the sources of big data, techniques of handling and analyzing big data, overviews of project areas and a symposium exposing the 'big ideas' and computational thinking practices of the CS Principles project. Teachers will spend the remaining time performing research with faculty and students in labs on project topics that include authorship recognition, gaming, driver distraction and brain-computer interfaces, among others, and initiating work on educational modules for use at their home institutions.

Teachers will participate 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and receive up to $7000 for the summer program, up to an additional $3000 additionally for follow up activities throughout the year and up to $2000 for equipment/supplies needed to effectively develop and deliver new course materials based on their research experience. No prior research experience is necessary. We encourage applications from two persons at the same institution, who can work as a team in developing and delivering curricular materials. 

Applications will be accepted through March 15, 2015. Follow the "Apply Now" link for a PDF copy of the application, or apply online directly through the link provided on that page. 

Drexel University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. The College of Computing & Informatics’ REThink Project is especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community.

Owen Astrachan Offers CS Principles Workshop on July 8

posted Jul 2, 2014, 8:06 AM by Drexel RET   [ updated Jul 2, 2014, 8:07 AM ]

Owen Astrachan from Duke University, Principal Investigator of the Computer Science Principles project ( will visit Drexel on Tuesday, July 8.  CS Principles is a new course under development that seeks to broaden participation in computing and computer science. Development is being led by a team of computer science educators organized by the College Board and the National Science Foundation. Pilots are ongoing at the high school and college levels, including Drexel. The test will debut in May 2016 or later.

Owen will give a short talk about the latest developments in the AP CS Principles course, followed by a 1-hour interactive session.  After a lunch break, Owen will be available for continuation of the session activities and informal discussions.

10:30-11:00 "What’s New With AP CS Principles", in University Crossings 149
11:15-12:15 "Search: Programming and Computational Thinking"
12:30-1:30 lunch, in University Crossings 151
1:30-2:30 continuation of morning session, informal discussion


Search is equally a fundamental algorithm, a computational thinking idea, a way of exploring innovation and impact, and a lens through which we can explore computer science in any course, but particularly in Exploring Computer Science (ECS), CS Principles (CSP), and AP Computer Science A (APCSA). In this interactive session we will provide, and help the audience provide, background on three different kinds of search: binary search, contentID search (e.g., for audio in YouTube or Soundhound), and Pagerank. The examples will be useful in class or in professional development for teachers. We will discuss how these searches are related, how they differ, and how they can be used in every computer science course, but particularly looking at differences in ECS, CSP, and APCSA. We will provide detailed examples based on programming/coding activities, activities that don't require a computer, and activities that stress both computational thinking and the knowledge needed by today's cyber-citizens.

Sponsored by REThink CS @ Drexel, a Research Experiences for Teachers in Engineering and Computer Science Site for Machine Learning, Big Data and CS Principles.  Supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-1301171.

Project in Histology Image Analysis Added

posted Feb 7, 2014, 9:54 AM by Drexel RET   [ updated Feb 7, 2014, 11:16 AM ]

The Histology Image Analysis project supervised by Profs. David Breen and Mark Zarella will be continued in the 2014-15 REThink Program.  The project description may be found by navigating the Projects menu at the left.

The online application form has been updated to include this project.

Drexel Selected as Phase II CS Principles Pilot Course

posted Jun 20, 2013, 9:49 AM by Drexel RET

Drexel's CS 164 (Introduction to Computer Science) has been selected as a Phase II pilot course for the new AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course.  See  Innovative College-Level AP® Course Created to Increase Interest in Computing Degrees and Careers, Particularly Among Female and Minority Students for the College Board’s press release regarding AP CSP.  The list of confirmed pilot schools may be found at .

REThink scholars will work with the CS 164 course materials as part of CS Principles activities.

Reboot, Renew, REThink

posted May 29, 2013, 4:36 AM by Drexel RET

Drexel and CSTA>>Philly will host "Reboot, Renew, REThink", a two-day workshop centered on CS Principles,  on July 9-10, 2013.  Owen Astrachan of Duke University, Principal Investigator of the CS Principles project, will be the keynote speaker and will conduct a session.

REThink Scholars will participate as part of our orientation week (no separate registration needed).  See CSTA>>Philly for further information.

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