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NameContact InfoRole
Prof. Jeffrey L. Popyack, College of Computing & Informatics JPopyack AT CS.Drexel.edu Principal Investigator of the project. Oversees all activities. 
Prof. Mary Jo Grdina, School of Education mfg29 AT drexel.edu Co-Principal Investigator. Designs, conducts and evaluates assessments.  
Prof. William M. Mongan, College of Computing & Informatics wmm24 AT cs.drexel.edu Works with teachers to translate research into teaching materials.  
Prof. David Breen, College of Computing & Informatics david AT cs.drexel.edu Oversees the Histology Image Analysis for Diagnosing Breast Cancer project. 
Prof. Rachel Greenstadt, College of Computing & Informatics greenie AT cs.drexel.edu Oversees the Stylometrics project. 
Prof. Spiros Mancoridis, Interim Department Head, College of Computing & Informatics spiros AT drexel.edu Oversees the Cyber Infrastructure Risk Management project. 
Prof. Santiago Ontañón, College of Computing & Informatics santi AT cs.drexel.edu Oversees Artificial Intelligence in Gaming project. 
Prof. Dario Salvucci, Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Computing & Informatics salvucci AT cs.drexel.edu Oversees the Driver Distraction project. 
Prof. Ali Shokoufandeh, Associate Department Head for Research, College of Computing & Informatics ashokouf AT cs.drexel.edu Oversaw Sentiment Analysis project, 2013. 
Stephen Weimar, Director, Math Forum @ Drexel steve AT mathforum.org Coordinates Math Forum activities. 
Evy Vega, Administrative Assistant, College of Computing & Informatics ev56 AT drexel.edu Oversees advertisement and recruitment of teachers and serves as liaison to the schools. Coordinates Student Ambassador activities and special events. 
Alistar Erickson-Ludwig, STEM Program Coordinator, College of Engineering a.e.ludwig AT coe.drexel.edu Assists with advertisement and recruitment of teachers and liaison to the schools.  
Holly Burnside, Director of Research Development, College of Engineering holly AT coe.drexel.edu Advisor, was Program Coordinator for previous RET-Nano sites at Drexel. 
Tammy Pirmann, Teacher (Springfield Township), Vice-President of CSTA-Philly tpirmann AT gmail.com Conducts annual CS Principles workshop for teachers. 
Prof. Julia Stoyanovich, College of Computing & Informatics stoyanovich AT drexel.edu Oversaw the Crowdsourcing project, 2014. 
Prof. Mark Zarella, Drexel College of Medicine mark.zarella AT drexelmed.edu Oversees the Histology Image Analysis for Diagnosing Breast Cancer project with Prof. David Breen. 
Prof. Erin Solovey, College of Computing & Informatics ets36 AT drexel.edu Oversees the Brain Sensing project. 
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