Peck Scholars

What is a Peck Scholar?

Peck Scholars are students that participate in a leadership development program designed for  an elite group of students that provide them with a competitive edge in the global economy.  Students learn that the essence of leadership and innovation lies in the ability to communicate effectively, apply critical thinking and reasoned problem solving to any situation to produce tangible and measurable results. This is achieved through special courses, integration of curriculum, seminars, and specialized co-op opportunities that is directed at developing the next generation of technological leaders.

What are advantages to Peck Scholars:

  • A unique co-op experience, potentially with leadership and management training
  • Course topics include:
  • Business fundamentals
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Policy
  • Communication and Writing
  • A Peck Scholar Certificate
  • Interdisciplinary Senior Design Experience
  • A educational experience that is outside of traditional engineering
  • Social activities with other Peck Scholars and faculty members

What is required of Peck Scholars:

  • Complete Peck Scholars course work 
  • Participate in a Peck Scholars Retreat(s)