Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge Competition

at the

2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

April 22 & 24

Hosted by: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

It’s that time of year! Students from Drexel University’s Steel Bridge team will be competing at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference against 11 other steel bridge teams.  This year’s design envelope called for the construction of a cantilever bridge.  This was the main design challenge set forth by last year’s rules.  However, there are several changes, including the overall length of the bridge to a maximum of 23’-6” and the option for an overhead truss.  Last year, the steel bridge team competed with a classic truss design.  The team this year has opted for a simple girder design.  It is the team’s goal to place within the top three teams at this year’s regionals and advance to the National competition, which will be hosted by Brigham Young University. 


Team Members: Juan Agosto, Nooraldean Aldabdoub, Mark Bancroft, April Bauer, Sean Coffey, Joe Dressel, Peter Espinoza, Josh Gable, Francis Ingrham, Paulina Iniewicz, Rahul Kerur, Robert LaChance, Magic Ledesma, Belinda Lester, Stephen Liu, Rebecca Lynch, Charlotte Navrot, Amanda Ngov, Amanda Ondash, Kevin Robinson, Yasmina Shields

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Emin Aktan & Dr. Joseph Martin

Teaching Assistant Advisor: Ben Cohen



The Student Steel Bridge Competition is sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction and in co-operation with the American Society of Civil Engineers.  The challenge requires civil engineering students to design, fabricate and construct a steel bridge.

The past few years for Drexel's bridge team have been very exciting.  In 2009, our team placed 2nd at the regional competition, and traveled to Las Vegas to participate in the national competition.  Check out our video:

In 2010, we placed 1st in the regional competition and traveled to Purdue for nationals, where we placed 10th in the nation.  Our team and resources are growing each year!

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Steel Bridge Co-Captains:

Robert LaChance
BS: Civil Engineering

Rebecca Lynch
BS/MS: Civil Engineering

Stephen Wayland,
Aug 9, 2010, 10:30 PM