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Diving into Processing: Learning Coding with a Visual Arts Twist

Transitioning students from block-based programming, such as Scratch, to text-based programming can bring a collection of challenges. Block-based programming languages generally allow students with limited coding knowledge to immediately experience the satisfaction of creating interactive and graphical programs. While students who are learning a text-based language, like Python, are often left with more basic programs that lack the same level of graphical interactions.

In this workshop, I will introduce you to Processing, which is one of my favourite tools for teaching students the basic coding concepts using text-based programming languages. Processing is an open source programming language that is aimed at learning how to code through the context of visual arts. The processing application also allows for students to write their code in a ‘Sketchbook’, where they are able to save and preview their programs. The Processing application allows you to write your code in either Java, Python or Javascript - making it even more flexible and versatile (in this workshop we will be focusing on JavaScript).

This will be a hands-on workshop that will have you learning some of the fundamental coding concepts, such as variables and loops, through the visual and interactive Processing language. With this knowledge, you will also have the opportunity to create your own piece of generative art, which is simply art created through the use of computer algorithms.

The level of prior knowledge required with programming is beginner to intermediate. Please bring a computer with the Processing application installed (directions can be found below).
Installing and Setting Up Processing

Presentation Slide Deck

Shekou Summit - EdTech - Processing ‎(JavaScript)‎

Python Code Walkthrough

Python - Code Walkthrough Shekou Summit - Processing

JavaScript Code Walkthrough

JavaScript - Code Walkthrough Shekou Summit - Processing