Summit of Mauna Kea: January, 2011
While observing high redshift star forming galaxies with ZEUS on the CSO (foreground open telescope,) I captured this panorama of most of the scopes on the summit.

Welcome to my portfolio website!  Here I've chronicled some of my thoughts, experiences, and plans on teaching and researching in an academic environment.  Using the links in the navigation pane to the left, you may visit the several sections of my portfolio.

"About Me" gives a little background as to who I am personally and academically, and how I ended up here.

In my "Research Statement" I discuss my plans for future work in my studies of high redshift galaxies, starformation, and metallicity, and how I plan to carry out this research in an academic environment.

The "Teaching and Learning Portfolio" section relates my philosophy and development as an educator.  Here you'll find several related documents including a philosophy statement, a proposed course syllabus, and an example of student evaluation.

My Curriculum Vitae is not currently hosted here but is available upon request.

If you'd like to contact me, please email me at: brisbind<AT>gmail.com or provide feedback in the "Contact Me" section.

While this site provides a quick snapshot of my role and my views on education and research, it is an evolving work created for both my benefit and yours.  As I continue to develop professionally and experience a wider swath of academia, I hope to use this portfolio as a benchmark with which to gauge the development of my core beliefs, and track the outcome of my own application of these to my teaching and research.