drew20 System

I changed over to using google to host the website because it seems to have a faster upload speed and it's more convenient for me.  I made this google account just for this purpose, if you want the password for some reason let me know.

I've uploaded the files so they can be accessed from here, there are lots of changes, more than I wanted to document.  I think the last version I uploaded didn't even have seven abilities.  The new default version is as of March 18, 2008.  Anything after that I will actually make notes on updates.  Anyway, here it is:

Basic Rules

These rules are mostly up to date, I've read over them at least.  Anything in red text, which appears mostly or maybe entirely in the Combat chapter, needs a serious review, possibly a complete deletion.

Basics.doc - Abilities.doc - Levels.doc - Feats.doc - Skills.doc - Combat.doc - Conditions.doc

Magic and Disciplines

These are not as much up-to-date.  I really haven't looked at cantrips or spells at all.  Disciplines was never really finished in the first place, but if you want to see what disciplines are going to look like there are some good examples in the animal disciplines in the druid class.  Spells are still based around 1d8 damage per level.  Healing spells are going to come out of the main spell chapter and be moved off to the classes.

21/03/08: I made weapon proficiencies a fact of discipline ranks, just like affinities come with magic ranks.  This is really where weapon proficiencies should be.  Improved Unarmed Combat goes in with them, giving it a solid place in the game.  This also means that access to weapons is tied to class.

30/03/08: I put up a disciplines chapter that has 60 or so disciplines in it.  I hope to have around 100-ish?  Of course more doesn't hurt.  Each school should have ten to a dozen at least, so the ones with fewer are not meant to be as-is, except the spellcasting school which may have space for another one or two but ultimately is going to be much smaller than the others, which is fine.  I'm going to adjust the number of disciplines you get up, possibly to around 20 at level eleven?  I'm not sure what the right number is.

07/04/08: I went through the Animus spells.  Put some in red that I just didn't want to deal with yet, but at least the spells file has started to get adapted.  I was thinking of trimming a few lines out of it by doing a few things like removing the "Target: One Creature" lines in personal range spells and some other really obvious things that could be defined in the Magic chapter instead of appearing as exactly the same information in every spell of a certain type.

Magic.doc - Spells.doc - Cantrips.doc - Rituals.doc - Disciplines.doc


None of these is 100% complete but they have a shape to them that gives you an idea of what is going on with the classes.  I've changed the formatting a bit to not copy the D&D format.

03/04/08: I realized that not having a warrior and rogue class up here as skeletons didn't make much sense since the basic design work for them, aside from coming up with a few interesting disciplines for them wasn't going to take any time at all.  So here they are.

Bard.doc - Druid.doc - Necromancer.doc - Paladin.doc - Rogue.doc - Sorcerer.doc - Warrior.doc

Extended Rules

Haven't touched this shit at all, so its probably completely defunct, but most of the adventuring stuff hasn't changed except the names of the save.  I didn't even upload monsters or magic items because they are getting 100% rewrites.  I never really did monsters in the first place, but they are going to get stream-lined abilities based on level to take a lot of the guesswork out of them.  Magic items are going to more discipline-like powers based on a Rage-like system as opposed to the Energy-like system of disciplines.

21/03/08: I did the necessary rewrite of the Equipment chapter.  It's not exactly what it should be, but at least the weapons have damage values instead of damage dice, and I introduced a weapon ability system that gives some room to make a variety of weapons without a lot of special-case rules.

16/04/08: I uploaded a magic items and a monsters file.  Both are just skeletons for now, but he monsters file gives the gist of where monsters are going.  The magic items file doesn't have anything yet about *real* magic items, but it's got potions and scrolls, which I realized should just be made with craft-like skills.

Adventuring.doc - Equipment.doc - MagicItems.doc - Monsters.doc