Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about me and my services to let you know me better and know what to expect. Links throughout the answers will guide you to more information on and off my website. 


Where can I see you for an appointment?

I am currently taking appointments in my new Downtown LA Studio at the Watermarke Tower located on W 9th St & Flower. By appointment only, no walk-ins.

How soon in advance do I need to contact you for an appointment, and what are your days/hours of business?

I am accepting appointments based on availability, booking bridal appointments no more than 3-4months in advance due to my growing family and work projects that I must remain flexible for, and non-bridal appointments no more than 2 weeks in advance due to bridal taking priority. Deposit is required for bridal bookings, and appointment times are given on a first pay, first pick basis. Bridal appointments have priority on weekends/Fridays, and non-bridal special event appointments are scheduled based on left-over time slots if there are any available no more than 14 days before event date. PLEASE NOTE DUE TO MY EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY AS A NEWBORN MOM, I AM CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING LATE MORNING THROUGH EVENING BRIDAL BOOKINGS FOR THE TIME BEING (no early mornings and no Non-Bridals). THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. 

Are you taking new clients for hair?

Unfortunately I am no longer taking new hair clients, and no longer able to offer haircuts, color, or chemical services due to time restraints. 

For existing haircut clients: Do you include a shampoo? Should I come with my hair wet or dry?

Unfortunately I am unable to take any hair cutting appointments at this time due to my hectic schedule. The following is the information in case I am able to start hair cuts again in the future.

Unlike most salons, I have a very special and different technique with my haircuts. Come with clean hair (washed the day before or the day of), blow-dried, and straight if possible (if it's not perfectly straight, I can straighten it further at my station). I do DRY Japanese precision cutting for more  accuracy, as well as instant gratification with being able to see the style as the haircut forms.  This way, the true movement in the hair will show, unlike stiff wet hair. Also, wetting the hair makes each hair shaft expand and stretch, making it look longer. Dry hair-cutting allows us to see not only the true style, but the true length as well. This technique is used in Japan and many very high-end salons in New York and other major fashion-forward cities. It's rare here in the Bay Area, mainly because it's more time consuming for the stylist because the hair is styled with a flat iron as its cut, and most salons have a more aggressive quota to reach than I do. As I am just one person, I am able to schedule my haircuts for up to 1 hr each, and can take my time perfecting my clients look with no pressure. 

I want to get makeup lessons, do I have to be a pro? 

Yes I require that my students have prior experience in makeup artistry on clients or at least experience on friends and family prior to registering for my in-person training. I must see samples of your work to determine level of skill to see if you're ready for this advanced professional course. For those wishing to learn just for themselves or as a hobby, I do not offer in-person training for non professionals. However, my online classes are HIGHLY recommended and are raved about by all my students in all levels from beginning to advanced! Register for only $19/month on For hands-on and in-person training for pros, click here: DYF ACADEMY


What makeup and hair products do you use on clients?

Too many to keep track of! To sum it up, I pick and choose my favorite products from many leading lines. Each cosmetic brand has something they are known for, and I am always willing to give it a try and see if it fits my needs and my clients needs. I always test products myself before using on clients, as I am maintaining a luxury-level criteria to all my products that I use and represent.

In my makeup kit, you will find many private makeup-artist-inspired brands as well. These brands include Cinema Secrets, Ben Nye, Graftobian, LA Girl Cosmetics and other brands that cater to "HD" makeup for High Definition film and print. My skincare is entirely from Lancome Cosmetics. I can offer moisturizers and prepping fluids for all skin types including oily, normal, dry, or combination skins. My foundations come in a range of colors from the palest ivory, to the deepest ebony. Brands of foundations and powders I carry are MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Elcie, Tarte, and some of the private brands listed above. I do not do airbrush makeup, as my custom blend foundation from Cinema Secrets and MAC offers a smoother and longer lasting coverage than airbrush (18 hours) using my special techniques.  Eye makeup including shadows, liners, and mascaras are primarily from MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Natasha Denona, and few specialty items from Lancome, Chanel, Christian Dior, Laura Mercier, and more. Most of my eye products are fragrance-free and waterproof. My lip palette includes several countless brands and colors. My lashes are from various leading brands and I carry every size and thickness imaginable from very natural and flirty, to super thick and dramatic. I have individual lashes and strips available n both synthetic and mink hair.

In my hair kit, you will find products from Leyla Milani, Octavio Molina, Tresemme, Redken, and other salon recommended brands. My flat irons and curling wands are from my own line with BOMBAY HAIR and are 100% TOURMALINE material (not just ceramic-plated) which is the best for maintaining bouncy, shiny, and healthy hair. This technology seals the hair cuticle to eliminate frizz and protects from heat damage.


How long does the makeup and hair typically last for an event?

My makeup is waterproof and sweat resistant and lasts at least 18+ hours, and hair updo's last all night until you physically take it down (some of my brides have even slept in their updo's and it stayed intact!). The only thing you will need to touch up is lipstick after eating, and if your skin gets super oily or glossy (especially after dancing or after an outdoor photoshoot during summer), I recommend using oil-blotting sheets to absorb the shine without ruining the makeup. 

What is included in a Bridal Consultation, and do you offer consultations for other events as well?

I am currently not offering trial appointments due to lack of availability. In the event that we can make an appointment for you, the following is what it covers:

The Bridal Consultation includes complete makeup application/testing for the bride (up to one hour), and a verbal hair consultation. I ask that the bride comes with hair down and natural, so I can examine the length and texture. Based on this, I can see if the style requested is doable, and we can make adjustments to the style/updo as needed. Again, this portion of the consult is just a discussion, so bringing pictures of what you may like is always helpful. If you would like a complete hair up-do during the consultation (to see exactly how it will be done on the wedding date), please arrange this in advance with me, so I can be prepared with extra time and supplies. There will be an additional charge for this service depending on style, which is non-refundable. Otherwise, a text/phone consultation is included in the Complete Bridal Package when you book me. Click here for more info: Bridal Rates.

Consultations and trial runs for non-bridal events or for people other than the bride are not given, unless they purchase a bridal package. Some of my non-bridal clients who initially seek a consultation end up sending me a photo so I can examine their face/hair and this way, we can discuss ideas and it is free of charge!

If I want to book you for the Complete Bridal package ($1400), does that include the wedding and reception if it's the same day? What about engagement parties, is there separate pricing for that? 

No, each bridal package is priced separately. One makeup and one hairstyle at my location/one time would be one package. The bridal packages offered are for any bridal event (any formal event in which a "bride" is present) which would include engagement parties, henna/mehendi nights, sangeet events, ceremonies, receptions, or any other bridal celebration. Non bridal pricing is only for those who are not the bride, such as mothers and other relatives and guests, and they are not guaranteed appointments as bridal clients take priority. There are two levels of pricing: Junior or Complete. Details on the Rates page. 


Is the Bridal Deposit refundable? 

Like most vendors, there are no refunds in deposits paid toward a bridal booking. We as wedding vendors block out a certain amount of time/days toward each booking, preventing others from taking your blocked time. Because of this courtesy, canceling the booking will result in forfeiture of moneys paid. All additional terms will be laid out clearly on the contract provided. Additionally, cancellations with less than the stated number of days' notice (usually 14-21 days) will result in a full payment penalty, for the same reason stated above. This includes no-shows and missed appointments, with or without completed service. 


Do you provide jeweled hair accessories for special events and up-do's?

No. This is something that must be matched with the outfit or theme, and is very specific to each individual. However, I can assist in finding the right piece with you, as time permits, and I am very experienced with using hair pins, jewels, ornaments, and other hair accessories for many up-do's and down-styles.


Do you provide hair extensions for special event up-do's and styles?

No. Again, this is something that must be matched to your color/texture, and it's optional depending on your hair needs. I absolutely love and recommend clip-on extensions set (20"-22") and they have been so kind to offer an exclusive discount to my brides and clients, just by typing "DressYourFace" at checkout. 


Do you help the bride get ready with the dress and veil?

As time permits, of course! I am an expert at veil attaching/pinning. This service is included in the Complete Bridal Package.

For Indian weddings: Upon request, I am able to help with jewelry and ornaments, as well as "dupatta" pinning. I have a lot of experience with bindis and other self-adhesive jewels for the face around the forehead/eye area. However, I do not provide these bindis and jewels. Just like regular jewelry, it is to be provided by the bride based on wardrobe colors/details. This service is included in the Complete Bridal Package. NOTE: I am not a professional sari pleater or fashion consultant for Indian wardrobe. I can only help to assist in achieving a desired look, and I am able to secure it in a tasteful fashion.