This is just my personal ideas for actors and actresses if they ever made a series of movies for The Dresden Files.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden:
Adrien Brody - On other lists like this people always suggest big action stars with huge chins. But that's not Harry, harry is a lanky thin guy with a handsome but quarky face. I think Adrien Brody would make a great Harry, he's decently tall, give him some lift shoes, and hes come close to Harry's actual height. Adrien is a great actor and I think he's demonstrated the ability to fit this role in movies like:  The Jacket (psychological mystery) ,  King Kong (adventure survival), Predators (badass), Wrecked (some guy gets fucked up and stammers around a forest wounded as hell- very much like Harry is half the time).

Karrin Murphey:
Emilie de Ravin _ Cute innocent look, but can be badass. I think she would be a good fit, plus good actress.

James Marsters - Since Bob would just be a skull in the movies unlike in the TV show, I think James would do a great job, but this is just because I've been listening to him do all the voices in the audio books, which he does a spectacular job in. I think he has earned the right to be in the movie as at least Bob. Perhaps another character as well.

Thomas Raith:
Ryan Gosling - His performance in Drive was pretty close to what Thomas would be like. He's handsome and can also handle action, I think with his hair died black he would be pretty spot on.

Molly Carpenter:
Saoirse Ronan -  One of the few decent teen actresses I've seen and she fits the look pretty well. I'd like to see how she would look with pink and blue hair and ton of piercings.

Michael Carpenter:
Colin Ferguson - I think if he packed on some muscle he could make a great Michael, hes got a real good fatherly look.

Charity Carpenter:
Uma Thurman - I'm trying to keep this list realistic on who would actually agree to play in the them. But honestly there aren't that many women who are old enough, tall, motherly, badass and who are good actresses.

The Archive (Ivy)

I'm not really familiar with any talented child actresses. Casting children is kind of annoying since they are usually terrible actors.
Originaly I thought of Jedelle Ferland, manly because that's who I picture when I'm reading the books, but she's grown up too much to be in the movie now. But someone like the young version of her would be best, cute but a little creepy.

Jared Kincaid:
Alex O'Loughlin - I think Alex is great actor would play the professional  merc/assassin perfectly.

Susan Rodriguez:
Eva Mendez - She would do great in this part, very friendly but can be incredibly sexy.

Gentleman Johny Marcone:
David Boreanz - Known well for being a good guy, I think he would be very interesting as the stoic mob boss.

Donald Morgen:
Clive Owen - I think Clive is a good actor and hes got the serious look down, he just needs some salt and pepper long hair.

Waldo Butters:
Andrew Garfield - from what I've heard he's a pretty good actor, and he fits the look.


Chiwetel Ejiofor - I've seen him in Serenity and he can handle a sword, fits the age bracket.

Carlos Ramirez:
Jesse Garcia? - I don't know this guy from anything, I had a hard time finding a "good" young hispanic actor for Carlos, so I just grabbed this guy from some list. If you have a better suggestion tell me in the Reddit comments.

Lara Raith, Mab, Maeve, Leanansidhe, Titania, Aurora, Lily
Olivia Wild and all the other unspeakably beautiful actresses, It's kinda hard to put which beautiful actor with which super babe from the books. Any suggestions?