Evaluating Glogs

First, you all did some really great work on the glogs!  A new medium for you, and slightly less new for me.  I'm trying to decide whether and how to use glogs again.  You can help me by answering a few questions.  Just create a new page under our "Evaluating Glogs" page in the class wiki.

Questions to consider:

Did you enjoy glogging?

How easy or difficult did you find the glogster interface?  (e.g. menus, manipulating page elements, editing, etc.)

What kinds of new things did glogging help you to understand about Sister Carrie?  What new things? How so?

To what extent did you enjoy or not the "design" (selecting, arranging page elements) aspects of glogging?

The glogs are an opportunity, like the traditional 2 to 5 page essay, to show me what you know about the novel.  Generally, how would you compare glogging to essay writing?  Easier or more difficult?  More or less satisfying in demonstrating to me what you understand about Sister Carrie?

If I used glogs again, what kinds of things about the assignment should I change?

Sample Glogs: