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What is "Brussels sucks!" all about?

Brussels sucks is an independent – non commercial website. There are no ads. We only publish stuff we like and that we would actually go to. We ask event promoters to give us free tickets because we want people to be able to go for free and try new things. Our scope is people with more style and taste than cash. We are more interested in the inside than the outside. Therefore our website is simple, basic and straightforward. You either like it or not but it doesn’t matter because it is not made for you, it is made for us and people who are like minded and like the same things we like.

We like high quality music, DJ and artists typically electro, house, techno, minimal or experimental sounds. We like an inch of disco and post rock too when it is mixed and trash. We like underground culture, alternative paths, visuals arts and performance. We like culture when it has a message to deliver. We like beautiful things, design, abstract stuff and we like interesting people. We are no sheep, we like to be selective and we don’t like people to tell us what is good or not. We like to experiment and discover new things and trends. We like comfort, we like to be selfish and feel free to enjoy life without limit, carelessly. We try to live healthily and find a sense to our life like any ‘30ish single no kid’ would do. And finally, we love Brussels. If you share some of these thoughts, then keep visiting our website, Brussels will become increasingly interesting and mind blowing. :-)


FAQ: Why call this website "Brussels sucks!"?

Answer: "If you want an audience, start a fight." (Irish Proverb)


More questions, email us at: brusselssucks@gmail.com


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  • Every Thursday - 8<11pm


Bang Bang, Xavier Ess and Laurent Jadot's queer culture radio show will feature "Brussels sucks!" every Thursday in their weekly show. Don't miss this show on the radio or listen online on Pure FM website. The "Brussels sucks!" agenda live on Bang Bang around 9pm.


  •  April 27 - PRESS ARTICLE

"Brussels sucks!" in BRUSSEL DEZE WEEK

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