Travis & I

God by creation made two of one... by marriage he makes one of two...

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Travis & I
Our Wedding
Jan. 4th, 2003


July 2004
8 1\2 mo. pregnant


Fall 2004
(Caleb 2 mo. old)


Nov. 2005
Family Portrait



Travis and I met when I was 16 and he
was 23. I was in the church youth
group and he was our youth intern
for the summer. Weird situation hehe.

I still remember the 1st time I saw him.
My youth pastor  (also named Travis)
introduced us as I was walking
down towards the church office...

I saw this tall dark and handsome
full bearded man... and my heart
just sunk. I was like "Wow...
Now thats the type of guy I want!"

A couple years later... after I turned
18. Travis came back to the area
of NC I lived... and we started dating.

Long story short... We got married
Jan. 4th, 2003.

We went to Seminary together for
a year or so... then I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Caleb.

Now Travis and I are serving full
time in Northern Ohio. Travis is the
Associate Pastor of Youth in a growing Baptist church here.

I love Travis so much. I thank God
for giving me such a wonderful husband... who fears the Lord...
Is a great father... and my best friend.

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