My 1st Pregnancy

I am fearfully and wondefully made... Psalm  139:14

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Caleb 19 week
Ultrasound - profile


3 mo. pregnant
w/ my dear friend April


6.5 mo. pregnant
Myrtle Beach June 04


8 1\2 mo. pregnant
Charlotte, NC July 04



Jan. 3rd, 2004 I found out I was pregnant! That is exactly 1 day before our 1st anniversary :-).

Our baby at the time we called "Peanut" was
due Sept. 8th, 2004.

I couldn't of asked for a better pregnancy.
I had no morning sickness.... no real serious

All I had was minor swelling on my feet/ankles
towards the end of my pregnancy
(The July 90 degree weather didn't help.)...
and as Caleb got bigger I had a few back
aches and rib cramps. No big deal though.

I gained a total of 25 pounds while I was pregnant.

Dr's were dead set on Caleb being 6 pounds.
They didn't think he'd be much more than that.
At his birth though he weighed
7 pounds 11 oz.

You can read more info about him on the
Caleb portion of my website.

I love being pregnant...
Although thoughts of giving birth were on my mind... but I was so excited to see the baby that
I didn't really think about that much.

My advice to pregnant women:
1. Walk. It made me feel so much better to walk
a few miles a week while I was pregnant.
You cant do much exersize when your well with
child... but walking wasn't to hard... and it really
helped me sleep better... and stay active.
2. Watch how much junk you eat. I know being
pregnant is like a "ticket" to eat what you please.
After all your eating for two. :-) But really... when your only 1 month pregnant you don't need to double your portions :-) Just make sure you eat the recommended things... such as stuff with Folic acid, etc..etc...
3. Take your prenatals!
4. Drink lots of water...
5. Sleep with lots of pillows hehe...
6. Enjoy your naps while you still can. :-)
7. Take full advantage of "honey do" list.
8.  Enjoy registering for baby things. Register for more than you think you'd need. :-) You can always take stuff back.
9. If you work try to get off atleast a month prior to the birth. I got off two months prior to Calebs birth... and loved the nesting period of being pregnant.
10. Have your bags packed early for the hospital. You just never know! I came a week early.

Me 7 mo. Pregnant

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