My Beautiful Boy Caleb

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Caleb 3 mo. old


Caleb 5 mo. old


Caleb 11 mo. old


Caleb 1 yr. old

Caleb was born Aug. 31st, 2004.
He has been such a joy in our life...
Here is his birth weight and other 411
about him his first year....

Born on: Aug. 31st, 2004 
at... 5:14pm.

I was in labor for 17 hours according to my clock! According to the Dr's clock and my dialation... I was only in labor 12 hours. :-) I still think it was more though! 

Calebs weight: 7 lbs 11oz
All the Dr's swore up and down every time they saw me that I was having a tiny 6 pound baby... Boy were they surprised!

Calebs height: 20 3/4 inches long...

(Caleb 2 years old in photo)

Calebs weight today 30  lbs or so.
His height  3 foot tall
He is now 2 years old

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