Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation 

Samoeng, Northern Thailand 

"Education for Peace - Learning Wisdom for Self-Reliance"

Our Dreams are:

To live in peace,

To have respect for other people's rights, without racism or prejudice,

To live in harmony with animals, plants and the environment,

To teach life skills, and self-sufficiency

        Established on 22nd December 2003, the tiny Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation is located in picturesque hilly countryside about half an hour's drive from the small town of Samoeng, in Chiang Mai province. Samoeng itself is approximately 55 kilometres from the city of Chiang Mai. A surfaced road only reached the site less than a year ago. Prior to that, during the rainy season, it was accessible only to four-wheel drive vehicles.

Consisting of a number of simple but functional buildings set into a hillside, this sanctuary is home and family to around two dozen orphaned children under the care of the Foundation's compassionate Director, affectionately nicknamed "Mae Jung"

"Mae Jung" - Khun Boonam Wiruthaman - the benevolent and caring smile speaks for itself

        The orphanage receives no government funding. It is supported entirely by donations, supplemented by income from products and handicrafts created by the children, whose ages range from four to nineteen. They attend a local school, and each child plays an important part in the running of the centre, with different responsibilities according to age, complemented with activities and instruction designed to help them become independent in later life. Vocational studies include weaving, woodcarving, drawing, embroidery and painting.

        Emphasis is placed on self-sufficiency, with the children playing a major role in growing vegetables, rice, and rearing farm animals which means that very little food needs to be purchased outside.

        The Foundation's address is: 18 Moo 3 Banngamaeng, Tambol Mae Sap, Samoeng, Chiang Mai 50250, Thailand. There is currently no e-mail address or fixed telephone line. For more information on how you can help, please email chiangmaicalendar@gmail.com