Please join us for the
7th annual "DIDI 500" on
Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

How does it work?
On November 3rd, bring your four person team to St. Bonaventure University for a day of engineering and competition.  Some of the area's top engineers will be working with your team.  

All you have to do is build a working rubber band powered car! Sounds simple, right? We will provide the materials, the help (local engineers), the food and the prizes.  There will also be a marketing portion where you will pitch your car design to the top executives at Bonaventure Motors! We hope to have you join us on November 18th to find out who the top team will be!

To sign up, please click here

We want to thank all who participated in last year's event and 
congratulations to the winners - The Top Hats!!