Some Cases






Here I will profile some cases I have solved for clients(reproduced here with their permission). Names have been changed to protect identity.

Case 1:

Gilbert S, student, 22:

Dream: I'm on a road, walking along. It's dusty. There's a dip in the road. It's twilight. I hear a bus behind me. I don't think I want to get on but want to keep walking but as it comes closer I feel I need to get on, for some reason. It draws up beside me and I can see it has no windows along the side. I get on. There are people inside but I can't see their faces. But now I can see the road ahead of me better because there's a big window at the front. We start moving. Suddenly, I see a horse appear on the road, not far from us. It's moving fast. It's grey, with a white mane, and rolling eyes. Then there's two horses--three--four--and suddenly the road is filled with these horses, going really fast and the bus is going faster too and I think we're going to run into them..the bus starts swerving but still the horses keep coming, and then I wake up in fright. I have had this dream three or four times. It's beginning to really disturb me.

Dreaming Holmes Solution:

You are facing a situation where you have two choices--either go the hard invidual road, or else go with the mob on the bandwagon(or bus, if you like). A part of you wants to keep going it alone, another part wants to go with the crowd. What the dream is telling you is that if you go with the crowd, it will almost certainly lead to disaster--you will be overwhelmed by the wild horses, which represent chaos and the trampling of your individual goal. The dream does not tell you what will happen if you go it alone, of course, but I would still reccomend you listen to the strong message of this dream--and the fact you have experienced it more than once.


Case 2:

Jenny P, IT consultant, 36

Dream: I am in my garden, digging out weeds. Suddenly, I hit something hard with my fork. I start to dig it out and realise I have found a box. It only looks small at first, like a shoebox, but as I lift it out, it starts to get bigger and bigger, till it's the shape and size of a big old-fashioned trunk. I get a funny feeling when I see it, I feel like it's familiar but I can't think where I've seen it. Then I hear someone calling me and realise it's my father. I haven't seen him for years, we don't get on because we had a huge blow-up over my kid sister, who I think he was really unfair to. But now I hear him call and I want to run to him. But there's the box. I'm kind of scared of that box. But I can't stop myself opening it, and in that box is a dead body. I don't know who it is, but it scares me not only because it's dead but because I know somehow that my kid sister, who I am very close to, killed whoever it was and put their body in the box. I think my father will be here soon and he will see the body and I try to close the lid, but it won't shut. Then I wake up.


Dreaming Holmes Solution:

This is an elegant dream with a very clear message. You are beginning to think that maybe your father was right in his assessment of your kid sister. Deep down, you are afraid that you have done too much to cover up her faults over the years and now you feel you are ''letting her get away with murder''.  You need to talk to your father again and repair the relationship, and you need to see your sister in a more realistic light. The dream is not telling you to disown her, however, only, really, to see your family in a more realistic light.


Case 3:

Tina K, 16

I am in a dark place. I think it's a forest. I don't know exactly where. I feel scared. Very scared. I think there is something waiting for me in the dark, some sort of monster, but I know that it won't move until I do. So I stay very still. I try not to move, and hardly to breathe. I'm afraid thought that if I don't move I will become frozen in the dark and will  never be able to move again. I begin to lift a finger, then a hand..I hear something rustling in the darkness beyond. And then Iwake up. I've had this dream only once but I hope it never happens again because it was so scary and I can't get it out of my mind.

Dreaming Holmes Solution:

This is the kind of nightmare that often afflicts teenagers, who are in the middle passage between childhood and adulthood. You are afraid to grow up and face adult difficulties that you don't understand yet but you also know that if you stay a child, you will be frozen forever. In fact, I intuit that at the deepest level of all, the dream is telling you that if this happens you will become the monster you fear. What you need to do is visualise yourself in the dream with a torch in your hand, or a candle, or other sort of light, and I intuit that you will then discover you are in a large open clearing,, from which leads a broad path. You can re-experience the dream either by trying to dream it again(not so easy) or else going through it carefully in your waking life, writing everything down first in the original version and then the one you have changed. You will find that the fear will ebb away.