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Dreams come in many shapes, sizes and forms. In this section I will briefly outline some kinds and structures of dreams(which may include some agitated or in-between dreams, but not nightmares, for which there is a separate section)

Structure of dreams:

1.The 'snapshot'dream--this is like a moment, not a full episode or incident, or even less a full story. Very occasionally a series of 'snapshot' dreams may combine in a kind of erratic story-line, usually though the snapshot dream is just that. You can think of it as a frame in a movie, not an entire scene.

2.The 'scene' dream--this is more developed than the snapshot dream. It is like a 'scene''in a movie, and has something going on in it.

3.The 'story' dream--this is the full deal, a story that makes sense(at least in the dream world if not in real life). This is a very rare sort of dream. Mostly, dreams are snapshots or scenes. The story dream can make you feel very tired when you wake up. Sometimes in this kind of dream, you are aware in a way that you are dreaming. (sometimes known as lucid dreaming).

4. The patchwork dream--this is a weird little number made up of different snapshots and scenes that don't blend together at all. These go very fast and often leave the sleeper agitated and iritated on awakening.

Dream structure can often have to do with the kind of person you are, and the sort of work you do. For instance, it is quite frequent for writers to have 'story' dreams, and people with psychic powers will usually dream in a series of snapshots or scenes, very, very rarely in full stories.  

The genres of dreams:

Did you know there were genres in dreams, like in literature? Here's a basic list, with next to it, the kind of structure such a dream is likely to have:

1. Tape recorder dreams: the ordinary sort that go over events of your day or week, often jumbled together(usually snapshots, or scenes, possibly patchwork). These tend not to have much meaning.

2.Fantasy dreams--the fun sort where your mind takes you on a bit of a pleasant journey. You might find in this sort of dream that you can fly or speak all sorts of languages or have some sort of talent you don't really have. disappointing to wake up from! (scenes, snapshots, patchwork, occasionally stories )

3.Insight dreams: these sorts of dreams are telling you something about yourself or something that's troubling you. It's up to you to understand(usually scene, sometimes snapshot, occasionally story or patchwork)Think of them as the dream-world version of, say, tarot cards!

4.Inspiration dreams: the sort artists and writers and musicians and scientists and all creative people, really, can have. (snapshots, scenes, stories)

5.Warning dreams--these may not be of the nightmarish kind, but may be telling you something you need to know or avoid, and are related to Insight dreams. However, warning dreams can go into nightmare territory easily. (snaps, scenes, patchwork, very occasionally stories)

6. Visionary or psychic dreams: these may be good or bad, beautiful or frightening. They are often structured as scenes or stories or patchwork, very rarely as snapshots. They will often recur.

7.Prophetic dreams--related to warning and insight and visionary dreams, but these offer a much fuller version of what might happen to you or someone you know, or even of your society or country, if it's strong enough. These always present as stories, but are not always complete(for example, you may not get some vital information, like the name of a town where something's going to happen.) Frequently recurring.

Characters in dreams:

Human:  This can range from yourself--sometimes an unrecognisable yourself--to other people you might know or have heard about. quite often these people are changed in some way. All the genres of dreams include humans though sometimes these may have animal characteristics too.

Animals: Many dreams feature animals, especially certain sorts. Horses, lions, tigers, snakes, dogs, cattle, birds are all very commonly found in all the different genres of dreams, and have different meanings depending on the dream itself.

Supernatural beings: Angels, fairies, shape-shifters of different sorts are not uncommonly found in dreams, especially of course of the genres 2-6. The less pleasant sort, of course , such as demons, witches and sorcerers, are usually found in nightmares. However, ghosts are very occasionally found in dreams--not as ghosts, but as the person brought back to life, usually in an insight or warning or prophetic dream.

Machines: these are occasionally found in dreams of all sorts, especially the first 3 genres. Cars are the most frequently-encountered machine, with planes a close second. Ships and boats sometimes come into it, but usually these are of the sailing kind rather than the motorised kind.