About Dreaming Holmes







I could be described as a ''human dreamcatcher.''  All my life I've experienced all kinds of dreams, from the most beautiful to the most terrifying, and I've also experienced psychic and prophetic dreams.

I was born in Scotland but moved a lot in my first years of life, as my father was in the army. When he left the army, when I was 7, we emigrated to Montreal in Canada. As a 10 year old, I became very ill and was in hospital for many months. It was during this period that my ability to interpret dreams really began. I was a great fan of Sherlock Holmes stories at the time and felt that the same mixture of logic and intuition, modern ideas and tradition, could be applied to the dreamworld as much as to the dayworld. I started explaining the dreams first of fellow patients and then of nursing staff. I began to feel it was my destiny to help people cope with their dreams by interpreting their meaning for them.

But after I went to high school, I began to get worried about my talent. I couldn't really talk to anyone about it at home and my fellow students thought I was weird if I ever spoke about it. So I stopped talking about it and even thinking about it and pushed all such notions out of my head for many years. After leaving school I travelled for quite a while to many parts of the world, but my dreams and my unused talent were catching up with me, causing me to go off the rails. After a bad episode in which  had nightmares every night and feared I was losing my mind, I began slowly to work on my dream interpretations again. Eventually I returned to Canada, and joined the Montreal police force, where I worked for some years. after leaving the force, I got a degree in psychology. I set up my own practice, and helped many people, including some who had nightmares so terrible they were affecting their lives. 

I set up this website so that people all over the world, and not just in my home area, could have access to the insights I have honed over many years of practising as a dream detective.