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Original ICONS Characters

UPDATES: June 1, added The Jury, Montgolfier, a new Johnny Psycho, rewrote old Johnny Psycho's origin as Manifesto.

I created all the character illustrations on the following pages using the portrait tools at the wonderful web site Fabrica de Herois. (Click on the Idioma button to get the menu options in English). You''ll need a screen capture tool to save your creations. It's a really nice resource with lots of clever options and I think the art style suits ICONS quite nicely!

Except where noted, I created all of these characters using the Random Generation rules found in ICONS. In a few cases I downgraded some of the ranks to better match the hero concept, and in a few others I swapped two pairs of abilities instead of the standard one pair. I already had most of these character concepts floating around for other games, but I found that if I just rolled up enough characters, I'd find one that hit pretty close to the original character concept, which I would then adjust as needed to fit the rolls. For example, Jersey Devil was originally more of a Nightcrawler homage than a Daredevil one, but I saw a lot of potential with what I had rolled up and just went with it. This impressed me about the random generation system.

  • Americana [Minutemen]
  • Ariel [DOA Universe] The Invisible Woman meets Peter Parker, photojournalist. Always surprised that there aren't more crusading journalist superhumans. Was supposed to have a slightly different power set, but I followed the dice.
  • The Atlantean [DOA Universe]
  • Aurora [DOA Universe] Inspired by a player character in my old junior high Superworld Game. A little Diamond Lil vibe from the old Omega Flight.
  • Balrog {DOA Universe] A bit of Etrigan crossed with an idea from an early episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; a lot less rhyming, a bit more a**-kicking.
  • The Brit [DOA Universe] Sean Connery from The Rock crossed with an autohypnotic guy from Global Frequency and the SAS dude from Hellboy. And very possibly steroids.
  • Captain Harrier [The Privateers, DOA Universe]
  • Columbia [Minutemen]
  • Dr. D [DOA Universe] Inspired by a player character from my highschool DC Heroes game. Any physical resemblance to Dr. Draken from Kim Possible is purely a product of my subconscious. 
  • Fourth of July [Minutemen]
  • The Imagineer [DOA Universe]
  • Jack Brass [DOA Universe]
  • Johnny Psycho {DOA Universe] Classic crazy psychiatrist gets mind-warping powers. Kind of like the old Jericho character from Teen Titans, only evil. And with better hair. 
  • The Jury [DOA Universe]
  • Kraken [DOA Universe]
  • Magnum [DOA Universe] Based off my own junior high Superworld character.
  • Manhhunter [DOA Universe] Just another former US Marshal turned werewolf turned covert ops mission leader. 
  • Manifesto [DOA Universe] Based on an old DC Heroes character from high school. Like Psycho-Pirate, only less sucky
  • Montgolfier [DOA Universe] A not-so-evil mastermind who just wants to help the world see how it would be better off following his advice. The world's most evil Bobble-head. And he's French!
  • Mr. Pwn [The Privateers, DOA Universe]
  • Ms. Murmur [The Privateers, DOA Universe]
  • Jersey Devil [DOA Universe] Was supposed to be based on a teleporting fire-wielding guy from a junior high Superworld game. The dice said no and made something equally cool. Gonna use that concept for someone else.
  • The Potato [DOA Universe] An homage to The Thing and Superman's origin; if Supes had crashed in the Soviet Union, had the form of an alien tuber, and ended up working for the Moscow PD, he would look like The Thing in a trenchcoat.
  • Psyche [DOA Universe]
  • Rushmore [Minutemen]
  • Smirnoff [DOA Universe] An homage to Stalnoviak from the old Suicide Squad comics, if he was slightly less of a jerk and subject the vagaries of the character generation dice.
  • Spirit of '76 [Minutemen]
  • Talos [DOA Universe]
  • The Traveler [Millennium Group, DOA Universe]

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