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Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is an unofficial team of field operatives working on behalf of the equally unofficial U.S. government institution known simply as The Warehouse, nominally a branch of the Library of Congress's Division of Paranormal Research. The Warehouse is the secret government repository of bizarre, alien, magical, ultratech, and metahuman artifacts collected by Americans over the years that are not in the possession of the U.S. military or covert agencies such as Majestic-12.

The Warehouse used to have its own Acquisitions Department, which sent out teams of “Curators” to collect such artifacts and investigate rumors of paranormal phenomena. The Acquisitions Department was shut down by a secret executive order of President Jimmy Carter in 1978 due to the occult nature of many of its operations. Since that time the black book funding for the Warehouse has dried up significantly as other covert programs gained support.

Foxes in the Henhouse

In 1995, it was discovered that certain employees had been stealing items from the Warehouse for several years and selling them on the international black market with the assistance of unidentified benefactors. (Said benefactors being strongly suspected of being Majestic-12 launching an interagency attack on the Warehouse.) When word got out, the Warehouse narrowly avoided being shut down entirely and having its remaining collections dispersed into the property of various government organizations.

The Directors of the Warehouse were given a time frame for recovering their lost assets, along with a very limited mandate for pursuing missing artifacts in the field. They were encouraged to enlist the aid of other government agencies, said encouragement being reinforced by a shoestring budget, a lack of authorization to use metahuman agents, and a lack of qualified field agents.

The Directors ignored these restrictions and recruited their own black ops unit, named the Wild Hunt in a reference to the legends of faerie huntsmen that no mortals could escape.

Assembling the Team

Former DPR field curator Malcolm Swan, a.k.a. the Iconoclast, was the first recruit to the Wild Hunt, given his abilities, his role in uncovering the Warehouse thefts, and his fanatic resolve to make some meaning from the death of his family. The Green Woman was created from a seed pod produced by former DPR agent the Green Man. Tiresias was found bound within an enchanted locket in the archives of the Warehouse, while Briareus's head had been kept in cold storage by DPR officials who had occasionally consulted the mad scientist in previous decades. Athena was an inanimate android given life by being fed the prototype memory tapes of a mortally wounded Warehouse employee.

Ostensibly the Wild Hunt's sole mission is to retrieve the artifacts stolen from the Warehouse during the 1980s and early 1990s. However, the directors of the DPR, including Lewis Grinch (formerly The Wolf of the Monster Squad) and Tinman (also a former Monster Squad member) has taken advantage of its new opportunity to put operatives in the field. The current standing directives for the Wild Hunt are:

  1. Locate and recover lost Warehouse artifacts. This goes hand-in-hand with the elimination or neutralization of any individuals known to have been empowered by said artifacts, to have copied them, or to have studied them in great detail. This mission, though not the specific means by which the DOA Group goes about accomplishing it, is legally sanctioned under the executive order charging the Warehouse with recovering its lost property.
  2. Acquire artifacts pilfered from the KGB’s legendary Vault of Forbidden Knowledge, which was looted after the fall of the Soviet Union. This mission is not sanctioned per se, but a loophole in the wording of the order reactivating the Warehouse’s authorization for field operations makes it technically permissible.
  3. Complete or re-open closed investigations and artifact retrieval operations that were either unresolved cold cases or cut short in progress when the Curators were pulled from the field in 1978. These missions are illegal under the Warehouse’s current operating guidelines.
  4. Retaliation against the remnants of Majestic-12 for its presumed part in sabotaging the Warehouse, dating back to 1978 and extending up through the thefts of Warehouse artifacts in the 1990s. Such actions are not only carried out without any government sanction, they are very dangerous in spite of the fact that the formal structure and many of the assets of Majestic-12 were destroyed in 2000.
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