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Monster Squad

The Monster Squad was the creation of the U.S. Department of Defense and the Library of Congress’s Division of Paranormal Research.

During the course of carrying out its mandate to investigate paranormal phenomena on behalf of Congress, the DPR’s “field curator” teams uncovered the existence of several unusual communities within the United States. These included:
  • An inbred clan of werewolves living in the mountains of Appalachia;
  • A “family” of vampires operating in New York City;
  • An isolated community of Druids in Vermont
A number of individuals from each of these communities were apprehended by local authorities or FBI special agents assisting the curators and placed in federal custody.


During the medical testing of draftees following the institution of the draft in 1940, the Department of War discovered other unusual individuals, who were held aside from the general enlisted population for further study. Men whose odd talents were minor but defied easy scientific analysis received 4-F deferrals as “unfit for service.” A handful whose measurable abilities were significant enough to pose a risk to civilians but bizarre enough to preclude their assignment to combat were inducted under the newly designated category of 6-M, “Not qualified for active service due to miscellaneous circumstances.”

Once the Nazis began to deploy their own superhuman individuals, most created by Nordic/Loi ultraterrestrial technology or outfitted with supernatural artifacts obtained by the Ahnenerbe-SS, the United States was struggling for a response. The public face of that response became the Victory Squadron. The secret face became Unit 6-M, quickly nicknamed the “Monster Squad.”

Founded in 1942, the Monster Squad began the war as a covert operations unit aimed at compromising Nazi activities in North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. However, the team’s unpredictable nature and frightening appearance led to excessive civilian casualties and alienated resistance fighters. By late 1943 the Squad’s operations had been moved exclusively to the Pacific Theater, where its members could operate without coming into contact with large civilian populations or the press.

The Monster Squad remained in operation until the fall of 1945, when it was disbanded, official records of its existence destroyed, and rumors surrounding it denied. Surviving members Tinman, The Wolf, and Hobo Joe were released from federal custody, while Nighthawk and The Leech escaped.

Note that Tinman and the Wolf later joined the Board of Directors of the DPR.

The original Squad consisted of six paranormal members, a staff sergeant with field command, a captain acting as liaison with the War Department, two DPR curators assigned as occult advisers, and a psychologist/hypnosis expert acting as a consultant. The original paranormal members were:
  •  Lesley Hughes, a.k.a. “The Scarecrow,” a human sacrifice who for unknown reasons could not die, discovered by DPR curators in 1935 and held in federal custody until the war. Died after going AWOL and returning to his village in Vermont to complete his part in a sacrificial ritual for his people.
  • Lewis Grinch, a.k.a. “The Wolf,” an Appalachian lycanthrope captured by the DPR and Treasury Department officials in 1933 and held in federal custody until recruited. Survived the war.
  • Vinnie Falcone, a.k.a. “The Nighthawk,” a New York City vampire apprehended in 1938 and held in federal custody until recruited. MIA after the war, reputedly tracked down and killed by Tinman and the Wolf.
  • Joseph Kilroy, a.k.a. “Hobo Joe,” a vagrant conscripted into the Army, capable of random teleportation when drunk. Autohypnotic training supervised by Dr. Rhine at Duke University enabled Kilroy to trigger his power with greater control. Survived the war, current whereabouts unknown.
  • Wilson Froome, a.k.a “Sparky,” a wild pyrokinetic conscripted into the Army whose powers were linked to his emotional state. KIA in conflict with Nazi superhumans.
  • John Varner, a.k.a. “Krazy Kat,” a conscript who could add or subtract kinetic energy from objects at touch. KIA in conflict with Nazi superhumans.
Later additions to the team included:
  • Real name unknown, pseudonym Adam, a.k.a. “The Golem,” l nan artificial construct located by the team in Prague on a mission in Eastern Europe and later controlled by the DPR curators assigned to the Squad. MIA during the war, believed to have joined the Jewish resistance and helped form the Jewish state of Israel after the war.
  • Bill Floyd, a.k.a. “Whitey,” a vampire who concealed his condition as albinism. Very nearly declared 4-F before Falcone identified him as a vampire. KIA by the Golden Samurai.
  • Tom Selkirk, a.k.a. “The Cyclone,” a draftee who turned out to be a wild telekinetic of considerable power but little fine control. KIA when he jumped out of an airplane into the midst of a squadron of kamikazee planes approaching a U.S. invasion force. The storm he created destroyed the Japanese planes but he plummeted to his death.
  • Real name unknown, Patient 23, a.k.a. “John Doe,” an uncontrolled psychic who subconsciously copied the memories of people he touched. KIA on leave by an agent of the Freemasons after John Doe inadvertently uncovered part of the Spirit of '76 plot.
  • Bob Rogan, a.k.a. “The Tinman,” a robot whose mechanical mind was encrypted with the brain patterns of a recently enlisted soldier during a freak accident at a military base. Survived the war.
  • Skorta, a.k.a. “The Leech,” an alien parasite discovered in the body of a conscript during the initial physical examination. Reported KIA, later changed to MIA.