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Ideas for the ICONS RPG
Steven Kenson, the mastermind behind the superhero game Mutants and Masterminds, has recently created a new, simplified superhero RPG called ICONS. Published by Adamant Entertainment, the game includes random character generation and is intended to be an ideal system for pickup games, one-shots, and so forth.

This got me to thinking about some superhero campaign ideas that I've had in recent years that might sync nicely with the ICONS system, as well as some other ideas that I thought I'd write up in ICONS format for the hell of it.

An ICONS Campaign Setting: DOA (Deniable Operations and Assets)
The idea here is to offer a setting suitable for running one-shot games, providing an over-arching theme that could be re-used with new characters as the situation required. It's inspired by comics such as the Suicide Squad and Checkmate, crossed with the narrative style of Justice League Unlimited.

Seems to me that a system that can quickly generate characters is well-suited to a setting that disposes of characters willy-nilly.

DOA ONE-SHOT Updated 12-10-12
Finally convinced some of my gaming group to give Mutants and Masterminds a try. Here's the background info I'm assembling on this DOA mini-campaign.

UPDATES LISTING: What's Changed Recently Update added 4-23-11!

DOA (Deniable Operations and Assets) Overview
Original Characters Converted to ICONS
Original Characters Converted to Mutants and Masterminds
A Method for Motivations: Importing Callings from Marvel SAGA

Other ICONS Stuff

Note: I am not affiliated with either Adamant Entertainment nor Steve Kenson in any fashion. None of the content here is intended to infringe upon any of their copyright or intellectual property; they own ICONS, I'm merely a fan promoting my own, not-for-profit materials associated with it.

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If you have any questions or comments, you can PM me at rpgnet. My handle there is yorrick. I have some more settings and characters to share if anyone is interested.

Gaming and Comic Book Influences
Over the years, I've accumulated many of the superhero roleplaying games that have been produced. You can see more about my superhero rpg influences here.
I've also put together a little info on one of my favorite superhero rpgs, Marvel SAGA. As far as my tastes in superhero comics, you can see some of my favorite comic titles, writers, and artists here.