Cosima "Cat" Rose is Here! 

The girl who put the kid in Kid of El Calendario and herself in *many* other blogs now has a google-hosted site, too. Explore and beware the empanadas!! 

Empanadas: Mexican food. Subject of a running joke; 

"Huston, we have an empanada-- I ate the problem", "Huston, we have a problem-- I ate the empanada", "Spaceship ONe: WHY ARE THERE NO PROBLEMS?!" Etc. Beware of them.



Where am I, you might wonder: I'll tell you.


A small town in Mexico.

Near the ocean.

That's all I'm saying for now! 

Summary: I live in Bimaland, Mexico. Please don't stalk me :).


Toodles for now!

~Cosima, aka Bima, also known as Cat, also known as Rose, etc. In other words, me.



 That's me. Photo copyright my dad. 

 Email me here, if you insist, but if you spam or are a creepy git I'll... I'll... I'll get a griffin to bite your head off, and send you a virus if I can wrangle it. So don't be a creep!-- there will be severe reprecucions!


PS-- I don't know how to write a virus, I'm just trying to scare off scary people. BUT, if the scary people aren't scared off, I'll learn. How I'll learn.