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Interesting and Useful goods:

We have combed the state of California for Useful and Interesting goods for your enjoyment.  Stop by our warehouse by appointment or on open warehouse days and you will not be disappointed in the amount of quality items available for purchase.  We're always happy to give you suggestions on items that may fulfill your needs, and tips on refinishing processes.

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Our goods are located in Tustin, CA.  We aim to serve our local community by providing convenience local pick up hours by appointment.  Eventually we will offer shipping of smaller items.

Arper Pamplona chairs


People who, when presented with a broken, obscure or questionable item, say "I can make something out of that!"

In that spirit we are excited to meet and assist people of the maker persuasion in finding the perfect piece(s) to fulfill their vision and dream.  
Stop by, bring your dimensions (we have lots of tape measures), and we'll do everything to get you going with a great project piece.

While a lot of our regular goods lend themselves to creative refurbishments, Makers is our site specifically for selling supplies and project pieces for your upcycling enjoyment. 

Making Landscapes:

We are commercial landscapers and avid home gardeners.

We grow plants and sell them, and provide 
services of designing and building landscapes 
and gardens.  

We're happy to make our commercial-side expertise and efficiency available to DIYs to help get those landscape projects finished.