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B, male, 39
I was going through a difficult time in my life with a dysfunctional marriage and Mark helped me to make sense of my situation. I attended 5 sessions and having Mark as my therapist helped me to lift a huge mental weight off myself as he was very easy to talk to.  He also sent me emails to provide a summary of what we had discussed and some activities to help me think and progress. Would gladly recommend him to others which is why I am happy to write this.

G, female, 41

We searched high and low and finally found a counselor that we felt comfortable with, my husband in particular. Mark created a warm environment for an open forum of discussion and helped us work through some of our recurring problems. We've developed communication skills that have helped our marriage greatly. In fact, we often wanted to continue our dialogue after we left his office. Separately, Mark has helped me with some of my unresolved issues and provided me with tools to tackle and manage them. I would highly recommend Mark.

J, male, 33

Mark stands out for me as a thoughtful, kind, intellectually mature and ‘wise’ therapist. He is very well informed on the subject matter, and has a wealth of resources to draw upon for diagnostics, learning more about yourself, and understanding and moving towards treating the particular challenges you bring to him. He has access to a huge volume of supporting literature collected over his years of experience, and a lot of information to assist you to prepare and boost your development between sessions. There was frequently so much in the sessions it was worth taking notes and revisiting them afterwards. 


Sessions with Mark were always engaging and challenging when appropriate, sometimes bringing personal emotional outcomes that serve to challenge your thinking further. He is always careful in his use of this, to ensure it is appropriate to the client’s willingness to be challenged, but these moments were some of the most productive I have had with any therapist in terms of personal growth.

His advice tends to percolate over time such that even months after sessions, new and better ways of seeing the world continue to arise. He is a phenomenal listener and, when appropriate, will challenge what you say, encouraging you very effectively to re-appraise how you see the world. I always came out of a session with Mark feeling more positive, energised and renewed, with a ‘spring in my step’. I highly recommend his services.

M, male, 42

Mark is one of the most practical, empathetic, rational and fun individuals I’ve been able to interact with. He is ethical, thoughtful, balanced yet direct and to the point. I would absolutely recommend him to others and have already done so. He provided such a great atmosphere for me and my wife to really engage in our views. Both of us have come out of our interactions with a positive view on how helpful the sessions have been. Of course there will be tough moments, but Mark did a great job of facilitating.

M, male, 47

Talking to Mark is like talking to old friend, yet a friend whom would patiently listen to you. Unlike most counselors, Mark will not see you for only 20 minutes or so but for a full hour. In addition, Mark will spend time writing a meeting recap. You then can engage into a written exchange that is often more constructive than simply expressing thoughts orally. Mark will also ask you to resolve simple exercises and send you supporting documentation towards issues you may be facing. He has a constructive and documented approach to put a name on your issues and how to resolve them. I felt very comfortable with Mark and I thought he was genuinely concerned. Mark has helped me and my family and I am grateful for his assistance and kindness. I will not hesitate seeing Mark again if needed and would highly recommend him to anyone whom needs help.  

E, female, 32

Dr Mark Greene has been an instrumental part of a fundamental shift in my emotional and mental well-being. With tendencies of suffering great lows and destructive patterns of thinking, Mark has given me the tools to understand my thoughts, actions and recognize behaviors. By increasing my awareness to the shadow he has helped me address my biggest hurdle in life, that of relationships. I'm deeply grateful to Mark for his sage advice and continuing support.

M, female, 30

Mark was very easy to open up to, and was always positive and encouraging. As someone who had come to expect people and things to suddenly change, his consistency made me feel safe. I knew what I could expect from him and that made it easier to believe that I could throw anything at him and everything would still be okay. What I most appreciated was that he was honest about the feelings I evoked in him. His willingness to share that helped me become more aware of the effects I had on others, as well as the feelings I had been directing towards myself, which in turn, reminded me to be more mindful about practicing self-compassion.  

C, female, 31

I am not the type of person who would ever open up and share my problems, concerns and biggest fears to someone close, let alone a person that I didn’t know. But Dr. Greene’s empathetic, caring and non-judgmental approach helped me to open up and develop a trusting relationship. He is someone who relates to people with incredible ease and his professional and ethical standards are, in my opinion, unmatched.

Dr. Greene helped me get through a terrible time and deal with problems that were too big for me to handle and move on from. I trust him wholeheartedly and I am so thankful I found him. Thank you Dr. Greene, you are truly meant to do what you do!

K, male, 40

Mark has a great demeanor and is very easy to talk to. He helped me make sense of my present and past troubles and provided the tools necessary to move forward. A difficult but worthwhile journey I will not forget. 

D, male 46

Right from the first session Mark helped identify both key issues and strategies to address them. Equally as importantly, he helped put the issues into perspective which made them feel both more manageable and also less negative overall.

R, male, 36

Dr. Mark was really helpful and an amazing experience, he helps my wife and I to better understand each other and specially how to communicate better with one another. He was very professional and made us feel we could tell him anything. It was completely worth it.      

N, female, 44

My husband and I had separate counselling sessions with Dr Greene. I had difficulties with negative husband and Dr Greene helped us to move forward peacefully. I always felt much lighter in my mind after the session with him. He is a very professional, supportive and caring counselor. I highly recommend Dr Greene for anyone who is seeking help. 

M, male, 38

Mark was a great counselor at a time that I needed help. He was easy to open up to and to discuss personal issues with. In particular he helped me understand aspects of my subconscious and re-evaluate or incorporate them in a positive way into my life. This was done through exercises which were interactive and fun- I enjoyed being an active participant in the process and he often gave me articles etc to read if I wished. I was suffering a high level of anxiety, including panic attacks, when I came to him and I am happy to say that I am more calm and relaxed and managing life issues much better now. I would highly recommend him to others.   

J, male, 56

Dr. Greene was a great listener with compassion and wisdom. I felt the sessions strongly helped me and my relationship a lot to overcome anxiety and accept differences in my marriage. 

M, female, 45

Dr Greene is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to go down a therapeutic psychological path, as well as for people who are used to working on themselves and just need a push to move forward or for closing some of life’s chapters. He is professional, very experienced, focused, and able to provide you with the correct answers or tools for solving issues at the right moment. 

A, male, 36

Mark has been a patient listener for me and our sessions together were helpful. I especially appreciate the way he took time to read my notes ahead of each session. He would also send me supplementary readings and 'homework' following a session to make me realize that therapy is indeed a complete, holistic learning experience. His insights helped me a lot.

V, female, 33

Mark’s thoughtful and objective guidance helped me regain my confidence during a personal setback, and one of the lowest periods of my life. I valued our work together and his insights which helped me choose and make better decisions for myself. Mark's a compassionate listener and I truly felt grounded and happier after every session.  

Z, female, 32

My experience with Dr. Mark Greene was very nice. He was so helpful with all my problems. I went to see him 2 years ago for about 4 months and during that time, he helped me to dig up more about what the real issues that I was having. I always had a bad dreams before, cried occasionally and now I never have these problems anymore. I learned a lot about myself and how to manage my feelings. Thank you Dr. Mark for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help.

C, male, 38

My experience with Mark started in Hong Kong and resumed two years after I left the country (via Skype) because I could not find anyone where I was living that I felt remotely as comfortable with. Mark is an extremely perceptive listener who took the time to know what made me tick - what was important to me and how i perceived the world around me - and helped me better understand my anxiety and how to manage it. He is a positive person and a very skilled therapist. I cannot recommend Mark strongly enough.

E, female, 26

When I decided to seek professional help I was suffering from depression. Mark helped me to deal with my depression, but also made me realize that my issue was mostly anxiety rather than depression alone. Now I can look back and say that I have been dealing with anxiety (and all the mental and physical issues caused by it) for pretty much my entire life. I, and the people around me, could not understand what was wrong with me so I had pretty much decided to accept that I would have to deal with these physical consequences all my life, until I became Mark's patient. Mark has given me ideas, videos to watch, articles to read, simple exercises to do and in general he has provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to keep my anxiety under control. I was Mark's patient for a period of over 2 years and I am comfortable saying it is one of the best investments I have done in my life. Mark was very accommodating when it came to booking appointments at times compatible with my working hours. Mark has also helped me to deal with a marriage crisis and has provided some couples counseling to my husband and I (still together!)  

E, female, 29

Mark really helped me to start to understand myself and my behaviours. He took me on a journey of self-discovery like no other counsellor had done before. Mark is an incredible counsellor and I always felt amazing once I stepped out of session thanks to his help!          

C, female, 37

Dr Greene is very passionate and careful during the counselling session, in between each session, he will share some useful reading, thoughts, and exercises with me to help me to achieve my goal: understand myself more, to ease and cure my trauma symptoms, my emotional instability. Since I’ve had depression and trauma from my teenage years, I really thankful God lead me to Dr Greene. After the first 3 months to 1 year counselling, I’m feeling better, therapy improved the downward relationship with my family members and my life. 

J, male, 33
Mark is a very knowledgeable and experienced counselor, his techniques helped me look at my feelings and behaviours in different ways so I understand myself better than before.  No matter what the discussion, I always left sessions with Mark feeling more positive.  I highly recommend Mark as a professional and effective counselor.

C, female, 23
Very helpful! He was very understanding and supportive and helped me to put my worries into perspective. The techniques he suggested really helped me to work through my problems. And he was always willing to email in between sessions for extra support free of charge.

M, male, 32
I have seen a number of psychologists for brief periods, however, with Mark I stayed with him a long time because of his patience, effectiveness and interpersonal skills. I removed the label of Psychologist and replaced it with friend when I saw Mark. He was able to guide me in making informed choices with my personal and professional life and to understand the factors which affected my decision making. A unique feature with Mark, was following up with me on various occasions to see how I was doing in between sessions without charge. Through Mark's help, I can say I have made significant progress. I'm confident you will benefit from his skills as a psychologist, and from his ability to make you feel comfortable from day one. I recommend Mark without hesitation.

S, male, 39
Mark helped me to see and deal with problems in my life I could not solve by myself.  As well as being qualified/professional, I found Mark's counselling to be very "human" which helped me to understand and accept professional guidance that perhaps I might otherwise have resisted.  I highly recommend Mark as a competent and effective counsellor.  

L, female, 24
I know myself better than ever before. I feel more happy expressing myself, showing different sides of me to others, and letting others show their different sides to me. I feel less anxious and more able to pursue the things I really love. I've come to truly appreciate the journey I'm on -- to live and to share just for the sake of it.

M, male, 18
I first started counseling due to my sleeping issues and a fatigue. He quickly helped me recognize why I was experiencing these issues and without any pharmaceutical medications after only a few months I was able to go back to my day to day as usual. I felt the experience was extremely comforting and result-oriented. Mark is an excellent counsellor and I highly recommend him.