Analytical approaches to well-being and self-actualization
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dr. Mark Greene

What kind of therapy works best? The answer to this question has been settled. In all cases, best therapeutic outcomes are most strongly correlated to the quality of the relationship between therapist and client rather than to any particular therapeutic approach over another.

Dr. Mark Greene brings to his clients a breadth and depth of multiculturalism with a grounding in psychodynamic theory and an affinity with the humanities attuned to individuals and couples seeking to raise self-awareness and resolve symptoms.

Examining beliefs, projections, patterns of self-talk, and dreams has been shown to open a channel of communication between the conscious and unconscious minds that allows, not only insight and the flowering of creativity, but also healthy adjustment and meaningful personal growth.

Client testimonials (updated September, 2017)
Providing individual, couples counselling and psychotherapy services in Hong Kong since 2007

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