Since 1999, the Dietrich Bros had been honored to make Dream Catcher Fly Rods.  We no longer make rods and want to thank our fellow rod makers, those who supplied us with their talents in teaching us and supplying us with dependable components for our rods, and most of all our customers who supported us.  Below are recommended sources for your interests.

Jeff Wagner and Casimira at www.wangerrods.com are true Master Rod Makers.  Jeff and Casimira have been incredible sources of knowledge, equipment, components, and trustworthiness.  They are steadfast in their commitment to rod making, supplying the best equipment, and filling the needs of those who are their customers.

LJ Downes at the Feathered Hook in Coburn, PA had learned from George Maurer and was a great and endeared friend of George.  He makes incredible rods and is who I recommend when people e-mail and call for inquiries about repairs.  He has the talent and knowledge to make your best fishing companion whole and ready for your next trip.

Bellinger at www.genuinebellinger.com supplies the finest reel seats that you'll find.  Their quality is thee standard.  We always preferred their stabilized wood inserts so there would be no fear of swelling and no stuck reels.

Goldenwitch at www.goldenwitch.com.  Originally I had gotten my agates from suppliers, but they saw the amount that were continuously needed and were not able to keep up with our demand.  Soon we ended up with Goldenwitch.  There was Never a delay or lack of quality in their agates.  They have always been incredibly dependable and can meet your demands.  They have an immense amount of supplies as well!!

Bailey Woods of Classic Sporting Enterprises for ferrules and hexchex.  Incredible, unsurpassed quality.  

Ron Chili at Landmark rod tubes in Colorado makes excellent rod tubes and supplies rod bags in configurations to meet your needs.  The tubes are powder coated and have brass caps.

Our bamboo we had gotten directly from George, but Andy Royer also gets his bamboo from the same gentleman in China.  www.bamboobroker.com

Remember, Don't Just Catch'm...Cane'm!
Wyatt Dietrich