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Science Fiction Paperbacks

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TV Tie-Ins
 Large Format Books

 Large Format Books

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Trade Paperbacks

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Please note that postage rates may vary from the date web page or mailed list is published, and appropriate postage rates should be confirmed when placing an order.

PAPERBACKS & MAGAZINES; £1.50 for the first one, thence 50p each, to a maximum of £7.00
Shipments over £60 book value postfree in the UK

NB: if actual postage is less than the calculated figure, I'll charge the actual cost

(books vary in size/weight within categories, prices are adjusted to allow for that)

Overseas orders at cost.

(Please state if a priority mail service is required)


If in doubt (or the list not clear), Email me with the book code and title, and I will confirm costs and postage

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Important Note: Unfortunately, it's not possible to update the list as books are sold, but I often hold more than one copy of a title, and will offer an alternative copy if I hold one. The price of this alternative will be commensurate with its condition, and therefore may not match that of the copy listed on this site, or on the postal list. 

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