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Advantages of Group Travel

Traveling as a group offers a number of benefits. Groups can save money on transportation and hotels and tours are a great way to meet other seniors. Another benefit often overlooked is the safety afforded when traveling as a group. For instance, tours require different levels of physical ability. Group tour guides will make the level of difficulty known to groups, whereas this information is often overlooked for those who are traveling independently.

  • More value for your dollar – Group tours are less expensive than travelling independently
  • Meet People – Travelling in a group enables you to meet people. You are bound to meet different types of people who likely will be similar in age and interest. In a group, meeting new people is part of the fun!
  • Travelling with a Group is Safe – Consider your health and safety when in a different state or country. When traveling in a group you will have group support from your new found friends.
  • Travelling in a Group is Fun – Let’s face it, although your group might get on your nerves on some occasions, it can also be extremely fun. You enjoy more, see more and experience more laughter and chatter when you travel with a group leaving you with wonderful memories as well as new found friends.


Independent travel doesn't have to be for the solo adventurist—independent travel can be for anyone, even in small groups, that wants to set out and explore by themselves, with a little help in planning from a knowledgeable Vacation Specialist. We can plan as much or as little as you like, from starting and stopping points to off-the-beaten-path sightseeing opportunities along the way. Our Vacation Specialists have traveled to many foreign locales and are able to provide you with destination-specific information such as the best hotels, local customs and policies and the ideal time of year to visit.

Traveling independently means you can move at your own pace—you are not restricted by itineraries, and your day can start and end as you choose! When you travel independently you can make your own schedule. If you end up loving one particular destination you can decide to stay there a few extra days without disrupting a set itinerary or plans.

Traveling on your own can be a very rewarding experience, especially when you get out there and try new things and learn about new destinations. Sometimes, traveling independently is the best way to really soak up a culture and experience it to the fullest!