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What Do I Do?

        When not working on my responsibilities in the museum, I am also working with my graduate mentor, Brooks, on his Graduate project.  Together we are trying to understand the phylogeography of the Northern Red-backed Vole.  Basically, this means that in this species, Myodes rutilus, we want to understand how this species has developed its species richness throughout time.  We will be studying the mitochondrial DNA (cytochrome b) to understand how varied species is across the northern locations of the Earth.   The main question is: How did the migration and colonization of m. rutilus from Eurasia to North America affect the phylogenetics of this species?  From papers that we have read and discussed thus far, present the idea that this colonization happened after the last glaciation.  We are continuing our hunt for our answers and for new discoveries.  I will definitely be keeping updates about what we found and are discussing.  If you want to take a step into our project, I have attached one of the papers that we read this week.   




Andrea J,
Nov 29, 2010, 8:08 PM